Final Post

Final Project-

I did not receive permission to take the course yet. I am going to register for Final project in fall 2015. What I want to make is a music video with my friend Aaron who I did my documentary on in CT 210. He told me he and his friend made a new song together and want to do a video shoot for it. I naturally agreed to do this and if I finish this sooner that I take the class I will ask them if they have any other videos they would like to do. Well the music is already taken care of because my friend is a beat maker and no actors are necessary. I would use a park nearby my house to get night shots done because the theme of the video is dark so it would work for me. there would be a couple of his friends who would be around but as for their role I am not sure about that. I would need to use an on camera light with the recording. I hope to get some of it done during the break by checking out equipment from school


As for my internship process, I have had my resume reviewed by Dan but it was not approved. I am going to register for internship during the summer and search for internships during the spring semester.once I have it approved.I do not have a cover email yet. I do however include my website at the top of the page with my information.


For my portfolio I have been fixing it up since the days of ct 101. I have added my contact information only my email so far. As for any other contact I put twitter and YouTube as a way of connecting my work and my social profile. I added a list of tabs and about me, contact me, photos and videos. The photos tab has photos from a sorority event where Kevin and I were the Photographers. My real is on my website not because I don’t want a different name but because I am the one creating the content I have and I want to be known by who I am not by a stage name.The link below is to my website.


Richard’s Masterplan……. Yeahhhhh right!!!!

First off let me say, this class has certainly pushed me to get all my “Ducks in a Row” as my father would say and has told me many times before.  Which means, Procrastination is not my friend.

I have registered for the Final Project course but have yet to be approved by Michael Smith.  Hopefully, after this little “Speel”, I’ll get permission:

1. My Final Project Proposal is to shoot, star in and edit a short film called “Down & Outta here“.  It’s the Story of a talented person but gets sucked into drug addiction.  After a long rehabilitation stint, he returns home to his wife but finds that she has been cheating on him while he was away.  Despite his teachings while away, he slowly, and very comically is sucked back into his old ways of doing things.  With help from his friends and family, he manages to pull himself out of the gutter and overcome his demons.  It’s a real cheer for him type of story.  We as the audience will feel his pain.

I have written a script for the short already but it has to be tweeked a little bit for the screenplay but nevertheless, the story is solid.

I have one camera of my own and am certain I may borrow another when necessary from the CT lab.  Sound will be handled via zoom recorders and external mics on the DSLR’s.  I can always tweek my sounds with Pro Tools.I have perfect locations for each scene already in mind and those special scenes like a bar, the people have been notified and I may use it when ready. I used to work at one of the locations and I have unimpeded access.  All of my actors haven’t been put into place yet, but I’ve gotten plenty of offers and before I commit to any of them, I’ll need permission to enroll in the course, then Production will begin.  I have a total of 7 roles in the movie.

My time for shooting the entire film would take me 2 to 3 months and editing another 2. In case of setbacks, I can allow only one other month for the entire project to be finished.

I do not have an internship planned yet, but I’ve recieved an offer for one next semester and really don’t want to accept it because I’m really dead-set on doing my final Project in the Spring.  Also, I’d much rather do an summer internship, hopefully “paid”.

My Portfolio is looking really good and I have linked my resume to my Bio page.  Daniel said I should add more to my resume, but as of yet, I’ve yet to do that being as busy as I am.  But, what I have will surfice because all of my production is on the site. Why read about it when you can see it first hand.

As such:

Richard D. Holmes’s Portfolio


Final Project: I have not been given permission to register for the final project class, I’m planning to register for final project in FALL 2015.  My final project will be on my character Calvin the cactus. I’m planning on making an interactive video (animation) using After Effects, Photoshop,and the program Treehouse ( Tree house gives a time limit for every clip. If you reach a scene, and they are giving you two choices (to go left or to go right). Those two clips has to be exactly the same time length. It’s about precision when it comes to this program. It also makes the viewer feel involved while they’re watching. I have the backstory of Calvin the Cactus on inkle writer.

I plan on following that format. It’s based on a cactus that received his spikes when he turned 25 years old, and he did not have an idea of how to live his life with them. Based on the decision  he makes, it re-directs his life. If he decides to stay and face his problem. Then he will find the solution, and continue to live his life. If he decides to run away, he will find out his history,and why he received his spikes so late in life. I am going to simplify the story, so visually it could make more sense. This animation will be around 5 minutes long. There will be multiple characters: in One scenario

  • The boss
  • The employees in work space.
  • Bob the balloon
  • Calvin the cactus

In Another scenario: some characters will be shown in multiple scenario’s because of importance they have in calvin’s life.

  • Calvin’s mom
  • Calvin’s 3 brothers, and 1 sister

Calvin’s dad ( the one who raised him) This scenario kind of tells you his the whole backstory. What happened to him as child. The power of his spikes. There is two messages to this story. One is to face your problems, and to embrace your uniqueness. There would be dialogue in a form of text, but they will have no voice. There will also be background music playing along the whole video. (The Fray- Look after you soundtrack). I will draw out the background in Photoshop and bring them into After Effects :

  • The office, the street, His house, the Dessert. I will use the background in multiple frames, but it will consist of close up, medium shots, instead of having an establishing the entire time.

This is an example of the storyline, but instead of Jpeg it will be drawn out. And instead of it starting in the office. The scene will start on his 25th birthday. It will also not be themed on a holiday. The ending of one scenario will not end with a picture of a cotton ball, but of the balloon placing the cotton ball on his spikes. And a tear drop of calvin face, while he is saying thank you .This was my 1st time using After Affects, so the quality isn’t the best.

I am going to have a printed written proposal ready by the beginning of next semester.

Internship Plan:

I do not have an internship in place and approved by Dan. I am going to take an internship this summer. So during the winter break. I will do more research on the places I want to intern in. Once that’s figured out I’ll send them my cover letter, and get my internship approved my Dan. Also, resume got approved. So I’ll just have to tweak it up when I send my resume to an internship.


I have created an online portfolio. My domain name is organized my site in different categories. Photography, Sound production, video production, Home, and About Me. I will continue to update my portfolio, as I continue on with my work. It’s pretty easy to navigate. I put my contact information on the about me page.  And you’re also able to comment on my page, and leave your contact information. If you want me to contact you. I don’t have any social media links. But I’m planning on making an Instagram page with my domain name, to show all the photographs I had taken, and will take in the future.

I will not put up my resume on my site until my last semester here at York. There are still a lot of production classes I have not taken yet. And I would like it to be reviewed again by Dan when my last semester is about to be over. So he’ll be able to tell me what else I need to improve more on my resume.

Give Me a Little More Time…

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by Jill Clardy

For the final day of Black Book we will be showcasing your portfolios as well as hosting an event around the GIF the Portrait project. Think of the day as an unofficial CT party. Something that we should have been doing already.

A final post as well should be written and published for that day which will provide a final report on your progress toward creating a final project proposal, preparing for the internship, and creating a portfolio/online digital presence. Here are some guidelines to consider in your final written post:

  1. Final Project Proposal
    1. Have you been given permission to register for the final project class? If not do you have a semester in mind to register?
    2. Give a clear description of what you are going to make. This is a paragraph that would give some technical detail as well as illustrate the ‘story’ of your work. That narrative is possible to write whether it is an actual traditional documentary, or a website, or a set of GIFs, or an animation, or an abstract music video. There will be structure to your project that you should be able to articulate in writing.
    3. Describe what assets you have to complete the project. These vary of course to the project. Fiction films need scripts, actors, locations, crew, and more all set. Websites need domain names, web hosting, web applications. Animations need characters, backgrounds, music, tools for animating. What resources, pieces, tools, etc. do you have in place to complete your project by the end of the semester.
    4. A timeline for finishing your project based on major milestones. Define so key things that will need to be made throughout your project and nail a date down for completing them. Put these together in a list format. Check them for feasibility.
  2. Internship Plan
    1. Do you have an internship in place and approved by Daniel Phelps? If not do you have a semester in mind to register?
    2. Is you resume ready to go. Have you written a cover email to an organization of interest? Do you include a link to an online presence/portfolio?
  3. Portfolio – The choices you’ve mede you should in your post example where you are with them. Which allows to recognize you need to do work.
    1. Work Example
      1. Description and additional meta data
      2. A method of work organization and presentation
    2. Contact Info – choices of kinds of contact info based on privacy concerns
    3. A clear organization/navigation of the site
    4. Resume/CV/credits/clips/external links
    5. Social Media Links and/or embeds
    6. About me/artist statement/who am i/ WTF do I do?
    7. REAL NAME
    8. A Domain name and/or URL (this may or may not be connected to a service)

Final Project and advice

Final Project

My final project I did a video interview of a well known animator who has worked on television shows, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Daria, Kids Next Door, Ultimate Spider-man, etc.

My Internship

I have found a non-profit internship called New Face Media Productions that does on call projects in filming, broadcasting, podcast, repotting, and editing. When not, on call the interns will, be learning hands on work learning how to use softwares such final cut pro, adobe effects, photoshop, etc. Also I will be learning basic camera operating skills, and how to load feeds and tapes onto a mac’s computer.

My Resume

My resume is almost complete I just have to add some of the latest projects that I have done this year onto my resume.

My portfolio

I have all the projects that I want to put on my portfolio, my only struggle is that I don’t know which direction to go interms of starting a portfolio site with a url and designing a home page so I need some advice on how to do that.

Sorry I’m late, but Help!!!

I have proudly built my online portfolio these past couple of months.  It took constant trial and error to what I believe now has evolved into something I can be proud of.  Now, I’ll have to arrange my content and add my present projects. Find Portfolio here.


My production resume is ready and has been approved by Daniel Phellps.  He has asked me to include “All” of my work while in the CT program and I am somewhat hesitant to do so for the reason that I hate 2 page resumes.  But, he’s the boss.


I haven’t explored that issue further since our last discussion regarding internships for I plan on taking that course during the summer which gives me time next spring semester to nail one down.


My final project keeps switching up in my mind.  One side tells me that I should focus on building my Non-Profit Website “” until it’s the best it can possibly be and is fully functional with paypal accounts and all links intact.

On the other hand, there is this movie script I’ve begun writing but not certain if I could pull off the filming of the entire production in one semester. The name of it is “100 Black Coffins”  It’s pertaining to the struggle of a NYC teenager to make the right choices in life.  He bumps his head numerous times with stints in jails, bouts with drug addiction and family problems. Will he get it together??? We’ll have to see… I’m on scene 4 of 30.

What should I do about this.?



Progress!! and Help!!…please


` I was thinking about getting a team together to put on a production across the street in the small theater in the performing arts center. Basically my main job would be designing/programming the lighting for the show and acting as the lighting board operator. It would be a concert/showcase and It will be in the evening. It will be free and open to the public.

` I havent set ideas for exactly who i want to perform but I have brought the idea to alot of musician friends who are willing to help me out. Maybe have a band headline and have two or three opening acts before hand.

` I was also thinking it will be a great opportunity to have some of my classmates film and take pictures for their event to use for their portfolio.


` I have my resume done in a way that is presentable for internships but will have to be altered a little bit for productions jobs that would pay.

`One thing i do know i need help with is a cover letter because some places that offer internships ask for this.


` As for my  portfolio, I dont really have one because 1) its hard for me to take pictures and operate the board at the same time when i do do shows, 2) i dont really have a lot of my work documented.


`I have sent my resume to a place that is offering an internship. S2BN Entertainment

`I am still looking on Offstage Jobs everyday for stuff.


I feel I need a lot of help with achieving my four goals. My online portfoilo, resume, & final project. I did ask a classmate for help with my resume but I feel more help is needed.( I need work to add on).

I need an online presence but I’m not understanding what to put on my online website. I want to add on my social mediums as well.

I have ideas of where I want to intern at but need my resume fone and approved by Daniel P.

For my final project I wanted to do a potrait documentary but I might be taking a new turn and I’m wanting to create a podcast with another classmate.

I just need help or advice on how to tighten or bring these four  goals together to make it work.

Asking For Help

The semester is almost over and I do have some questions regarding the three things that were concentrated throughout the semester. To start things off there’s my resume

For my resume, I wanted to know how to restructure it in the proper way. So far I’ve had personal help on formatting it. Of course I need more material to add onto it. But I believe it will get there. It must get there and should get there.

For my portfolio I want to know if I can create a portfolio using a portfolio template website. I’ve visited Wix and it has some interesting templates and structures that I could use to create my portfolio. I also need to add more productions to my portfolio. Most of my work is video or audio. Not much pictures or designs. But it would compose of media.

For my final project I believe I’ve gotten on track with it much faster than the other two aspects of this course. I’m collaborating with another colleague which is proving to be beneficial. My only question pertaining to the final project would be the proposal. How should it be structured.