What I really need to do

Unfortunately I have not had the chance to speak to the CT 101 students yet. However, my advice is hat the work may be hard, but being consistent with work keeps your focus. taking large breaks creates laziness and this is something I know too well. Small breaks and using the procrastination to your advantage use something to motivate your creativity.I would also tell them to work on a resume and keep adding to it because when I started the program nothing was really stressed about it until the beginning of this semester. I would tell them to keep their 101 website because the posts they have show their progress from the beginning. For my resume Dan looked at it and told me to work on it more because the format was not the same as the samples. the internships I have looked at are Television and editing based but I would like to learn as much as I can even if it is radio or web integrated with it. My final project I went on a video shoot with the person I want to do a music video on. I listened to the song and know the feel of the scenery that I can use for it. It would be darker theme since the person rapping would talk about the demons that he and everyone faces in everyday life.

As far as anything I think Michael could help me with I would need his help with my website that I have had since CT 101. I have changed it from what it used to be but I need it to be more professional still. I am currently still adding my work from classes to the site.

Having a taste of my own medicine…

After speaking to a few CT101 students and sharing my nuggets of wisdom, I realized that the advice that I need to follow the most is being consistent. I would say that even if you did have your website and you did know how to use a camera and applications, if you arent consistent with your work you have nothing to show for all your skills. Now that im close to the end of the road I need to listen to this advice more than ever. I know how to use most applications and I know how to use a camera pretty well but I haven’t been consistent in my work. In hopes of helping myself and as well as my fellow classmates, I have attempted to resurrect a dormant program which sole purpose is to band students together to create production projects. In doing this I hope to build up my resume, portfolio and further develop the concept for my final project.

Final Project:

In terms of my final project, I have to create a line of attack. I’m working alongside Allyson and doing a documentary project on individuals who have had Uneventful beginnings but successful endings. In this project I will do most of the editing and shooting and Allyson will be building the website to organize the information we retrieve as well as put up the videos we have recorded. Allyson and I have decided to use an online medium called Interlude Tree House that will allow us to edit our video in a unconventional way. https://interlude.fm/community


I have alot of work and I have it documented but I don’t have a platform to present it. I once had a wordpress blog but I need to reclaim it! Please help me reclaim my site so that i can present my beautiful work.


For my Resume I need to have it reviewed by Dan a couple of more times before it is at least presentable. I also have to organize the work that I have done and learn how to present it on my Resume.

Marlon’s status

Final Project:

For my final project I was thinking about doing a series of gif because it’s a form of animation that I would still like to learn that I need improvement on. My second idea is to do a short interview of somebody who once or is currently an animator since I am fascinated with different stages of animation.

* As for my portfolio it is almost complete, and I am still doing numerous project that I would like to add to that portfolio.

* I did secure an internship for the next semester for an independent company called New Face Media Productions. They are open seven day a week and they do numerous projects  for events throughout the city. Whenever they are not filming at an event, we will be in their office learning camera techniques, how to edit with the latest software from final cut pro, adobe effects, etc, we will also learn how to develop quick photoshop skills as well.

Meme Fridays



This was my Meme friday gif.I thought it was really fun and creative to do.And to see the different pictures i made into a motion gif is pretty interesting as well.The only issue i have is getting the gif to automatically move on its own.In order for you to see the motion of the gif you have to click on the image above.

Meme Friday Gif


For today we did GIF’S for Meme Friday. I think that’s what it’s called. For this assignment we first had to print out a portrait of someone who has some significance to us. For me I chose to use Ray Lewis. His portrait was serious so I chose to try and add some humor to his face. After printing out his portrait, I then went into the makers space and added some cut outs to put on top of the original picture. Some of these cut outs were from other portraits. Once I got the image I wanted I then had to scan the picture as a whole. After the scan was completed the picture was then opened in Photoshop and that’s where the true animation began. I had to place both pictures into Photoshop and then go onto the timeline and adjust the photos to show continuous flashing back between both the original photo and new cut out photo. I thought it was pretty simple and came out good. There’s much more that can be done with this animated GIF technique it’s very interesting.

The GIF of Andy Warhol


Andy Warhol is an artist known for pop art.Pop art challenges traditional art, and that’s what i was trying to portray in this GIF. This was an assignment for Meme Friday. Basically we had to cut out other images  to our portrait.Then we scanned our images, and worked with it in photoshop using the timeline tool.

I know you’re prepared because…

  1. Internship Preparations (you can sign-up for the course)
    1. Have a resume that has been reviewed/approved by Daniel Phelps
    2. Research companies/organizations? How? What have you done? Type of company/organization?
    3. How do you apply? One avenue? Multiple avenues?
    4. How would you contact/reach-out the organization? Go there? Find a name? Personal connections?
    5. Understand all the requirements of the internship class? Do you know what they are? These are required to actually register for the course.
    6. Internship specific web resume services to help make connections between students and organizations.
    7. If you wish to intern in Spring 2015 you have to find an internship now!
  2. Portfolio/Web Presence (it’s ready when I’m willing to put on a resume, an email signature, attach my real name to it)
    1. Internship specific web resume services to help make connections between students and organizations.
    2. Gather, organize, and display content that you wish others to see.
    3. Social media concerns – which platforms will you present in what ways and for what reasons.
    4. A personal website – your own domain. Are you doing this? Is it up to date? Do you wish to do this? Apply a domain name to a social media space like Tumblr? Install WordPress?
  3. Final Project Proposal
    1. The details of the requirements complete a project.
    2. Oh yeah knowing what you want to make needs to come first?