The All in All

The end of the semester is here and half of the academic year is over.

For Final Project:

a) My group (JCC & Myself) has been given permission to register for Final Project Spring ’15.

b) We are going to create portrayal of some of the skills and talents of Dr. Gregory H. Hopkins. Dr. Hopkins is a tenured Professor of Classical Voice at Howard University holding degrees from Temple University and Curtis Institute of Music, and he has served as an Artistic Director and Music Minister for over 20 years.  We will be crafting a website to showcase him along with shorter length videos of about 2-3 minutes long that would compliment the different content on the website rather than a single 10 minute documentary.

c) We currently have access to numerous articles of Dr. Hopkins that he himself have collected over the years along with pictures. We have access to Dr. Hopkins himself for any interviews, but clearance to access any recording of him performing has to be planned ahead and requested. We already have a domain name for the site and cameras, microphones etc. are available.

d) Our timeline is currently as is:

December 2014: Collection and study of given articles from Dr. Hopkins to determine the uses of these pieces.

January 2015 : Christmas break. Continue organizing documents, and planning dates to meet with Dr. Hopkins and for upcoming events that he has.


  • Video

To record one or two interviews of Dr.Hopkins, and footage of Dr. Hopkins in rehearsals and performance as he conducts the choir. We will also be collecting stills of Dr. Hopkins as he works with the choir. Collecting data and begin to building the website with stills, narratives and possible audio.

  • Web

Start the wireframing process for the websites layout. Begin to sketch out content layout.

  • Site name
  • Drafting navigation menu
  • Amount of pages
  • Color scheme
  • Overall user experience


  • Video

Compiling footage to create the best narrative from what we have recorded into a 5 – 10 minute documentary. This will be inclusive of recorded and interview and B-Roll footage. Continuing to build website.

  • Web

Finalization of site layout and any additional customizations needed to enhance the user experience.

  • Link social media
  • Organize interview(s) and pictures according to page content
  • Begin to edit and transcribe all videos
  • Enhance picture quality of photos if necessary and format for all device users


  • Video / Web

Applying finishes to both the website and documentary with any retakes if necessary.

We intend to wrap up by May 8th, 2015.


a) I do not have an internship in place as yet, but I do plan on doing one during Summer 2015.

b) I have my resume ready to go in several formats, with a large master resume and then smaller downsized resumes for different companies e.g an audio project edited resume for radio stations, and a video projects resume for a company such as Viacom.


I think I kind of struggled in this area the most out of all. Not in terms of having the content and describing work or organizing it, but just my vision of how I would like to layout items. My resume is a part of my About Me page. Although I have my contact information up, I am still struggling a bit with the social media links.

Richard’s Masterplan……. Yeahhhhh right!!!!

First off let me say, this class has certainly pushed me to get all my “Ducks in a Row” as my father would say and has told me many times before.  Which means, Procrastination is not my friend.

I have registered for the Final Project course but have yet to be approved by Michael Smith.  Hopefully, after this little “Speel”, I’ll get permission:

1. My Final Project Proposal is to shoot, star in and edit a short film called “Down & Outta here“.  It’s the Story of a talented person but gets sucked into drug addiction.  After a long rehabilitation stint, he returns home to his wife but finds that she has been cheating on him while he was away.  Despite his teachings while away, he slowly, and very comically is sucked back into his old ways of doing things.  With help from his friends and family, he manages to pull himself out of the gutter and overcome his demons.  It’s a real cheer for him type of story.  We as the audience will feel his pain.

I have written a script for the short already but it has to be tweeked a little bit for the screenplay but nevertheless, the story is solid.

I have one camera of my own and am certain I may borrow another when necessary from the CT lab.  Sound will be handled via zoom recorders and external mics on the DSLR’s.  I can always tweek my sounds with Pro Tools.I have perfect locations for each scene already in mind and those special scenes like a bar, the people have been notified and I may use it when ready. I used to work at one of the locations and I have unimpeded access.  All of my actors haven’t been put into place yet, but I’ve gotten plenty of offers and before I commit to any of them, I’ll need permission to enroll in the course, then Production will begin.  I have a total of 7 roles in the movie.

My time for shooting the entire film would take me 2 to 3 months and editing another 2. In case of setbacks, I can allow only one other month for the entire project to be finished.

I do not have an internship planned yet, but I’ve recieved an offer for one next semester and really don’t want to accept it because I’m really dead-set on doing my final Project in the Spring.  Also, I’d much rather do an summer internship, hopefully “paid”.

My Portfolio is looking really good and I have linked my resume to my Bio page.  Daniel said I should add more to my resume, but as of yet, I’ve yet to do that being as busy as I am.  But, what I have will surfice because all of my production is on the site. Why read about it when you can see it first hand.

As such:

Richard D. Holmes’s Portfolio

Give Me a Little More Time…

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by Jill Clardy

For the final day of Black Book we will be showcasing your portfolios as well as hosting an event around the GIF the Portrait project. Think of the day as an unofficial CT party. Something that we should have been doing already.

A final post as well should be written and published for that day which will provide a final report on your progress toward creating a final project proposal, preparing for the internship, and creating a portfolio/online digital presence. Here are some guidelines to consider in your final written post:

  1. Final Project Proposal
    1. Have you been given permission to register for the final project class? If not do you have a semester in mind to register?
    2. Give a clear description of what you are going to make. This is a paragraph that would give some technical detail as well as illustrate the ‘story’ of your work. That narrative is possible to write whether it is an actual traditional documentary, or a website, or a set of GIFs, or an animation, or an abstract music video. There will be structure to your project that you should be able to articulate in writing.
    3. Describe what assets you have to complete the project. These vary of course to the project. Fiction films need scripts, actors, locations, crew, and more all set. Websites need domain names, web hosting, web applications. Animations need characters, backgrounds, music, tools for animating. What resources, pieces, tools, etc. do you have in place to complete your project by the end of the semester.
    4. A timeline for finishing your project based on major milestones. Define so key things that will need to be made throughout your project and nail a date down for completing them. Put these together in a list format. Check them for feasibility.
  2. Internship Plan
    1. Do you have an internship in place and approved by Daniel Phelps? If not do you have a semester in mind to register?
    2. Is you resume ready to go. Have you written a cover email to an organization of interest? Do you include a link to an online presence/portfolio?
  3. Portfolio – The choices you’ve mede you should in your post example where you are with them. Which allows to recognize you need to do work.
    1. Work Example
      1. Description and additional meta data
      2. A method of work organization and presentation
    2. Contact Info – choices of kinds of contact info based on privacy concerns
    3. A clear organization/navigation of the site
    4. Resume/CV/credits/clips/external links
    5. Social Media Links and/or embeds
    6. About me/artist statement/who am i/ WTF do I do?
    7. REAL NAME
    8. A Domain name and/or URL (this may or may not be connected to a service)

Taking your advice and remembering to ask for help

creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by gruntzooki

We’ve got five weeks or so left in the semester and three remaining meeting days. The three main goals for the class – internship preparation, final project proposal, and online portfolio are in various states of readiness. On the last class you are going to report out on all three and present your online portfolio too.

What I thought would be a good idea today would be for you to review your own advice first. Ask yourself which of these pieces of advice do I need to take to heart myself and why. Which things could you be doing more often even as you are about to finish school.

And finally recognizing it’s not always about knowing what you should do but asking for help where you need it most. So I’d like you to ask me what can I do in these last few weeks to help you accomplish the three goals in this course. Or anything else!

Would you like me to review, help edit an about page on your portfolio? Give feedback on the pieces you’ve selected to present? Jog through some final project ideas? Help frame some steps to be taken toward your final project? Talk about approaches to contacting a company you’d like to intern with? Anything else?

Let me know.

Eleven Day Hiatus

At first I was unsure about the route to take with this challenge, but I then took it upon myself to write using the 750 words a day. When I started I just wrote about what I did throughout the day, then naturally anything that was on my mind, which was progressively tons of cluttered and spontaneous thoughts. At the end of the first day I realized that I had too much unnecessary thoughts in my mind. After about two or three days I realized that this 750 words a day challenge became a sort of cathartic experience and I began to think a little more clearly.

After liberating all of my mental clogs I came to a semi-conclusion for my final project. As a designer I wanted to create some programs, which can possibly be a path. But not just a website or something so basic, I want to create a computer game either a point and click or a 2D side scroller. (Being the first step…I would then want to move more towards consoles.) I have stories, I can design/draw some characters, but all I need is to put them together. If I can, then I could get a head start into learning and using some more programming languages. Either way, creating something like this could be a possible direction for my final project.

What’s The Difference?

In this comparative portfolio post I will compare the recent film graduate, Lesean Rowe’s portfolio with that of Matt Harney’s.

First when I opened the portfolio of Lesean, I noticed a variety of things both missing and present in his portfolio. Which is the same thing that happens when you open the portfolio of Matt Harney. In Lesean’s portfolio you can automatically tell what his focus is and what type of work you would get with his services, which is similar to Matt Harney. Unlike Matt Harney’s portfolio Lesean’s portfolio is within his blog. This is somewhat misleading unless his blog is really his blog and not a portfolio.

Lesean’s portfolio does have a link header for navigation purposes that read home, blog, contact us, and information in that order. Leseans portfolio page contains links to his videos a (VIMEO, YouTube) and to his linked social networks (FaceBook). In comparison to Matt Harney Lesean doe not have customized icons for his social networks. Also, his artifacts are really limited to his career, which is cinematography. Unlike Matt Harney, Lesean’s pages seem basic and not really creative. Matt Harney, has an overwhelming presence on the internet and seems incomparable to Lesean at this time.

Having analyzed both portfolios I was able to mentally sketch wheat my portfolio would look like. In my own portfolio I plan to utilized the navigation bar concept of Matt Harney, slightly mimicking his home, work, me, talk, blog idea. From Leseans portfolio page I will use his big image display with Matt Harney descriptive styling. With this combination I will be able to successfully display and describe my work to viewers in a concise manner. Now when it comes to interface design I would have to use Matt Harney original design approach. Esthetically, everything that Matt Harney used went hand in hand with one another and made for a complete viewing experience.

I would also like to add a social media icon/s to my portfolio to shows my viewers my work on something other than a traditional URL site. This would help me reach others that I could not reach with just having a URL site. Also, creating a social media for my portfolio would encourage me to create a internet presence. If I ever add a vimeo or a YouTube channel I would keep it updated with not only finished work but works in progress.

Not All Portfolios are Professional… Or are They?

For next week I want you to look for a student that has a portfolio and is in or has recently completed some form of academic program in media, production, and/or design. These will be a little harder to find, but a good way is to look for MFA programs out there and find current students through the department sites. Typically there will be displays of work online with names attached. Find a name and Google it with the name of the school. From there you should eventually find something. Typically these students used their online portfolio to get into graduate school, as that is the norm these days for graduate school MFA program applications.

In a blog post, link to the student portfolio and compare it to the one of the professional portfolios (link as well) posted last week. You can use the one you posted or someone else’s. Use the Portfolio Taxonomy to support your analysis of the two. And feel free to add new things to the taxonomy if you’d like!

After you’ve compared the two, let us know what you propose to include in your online portfolio/presence considering the following:

  1. Links – name and describe links on your site.
  2. Artifacts – what kinds of samples and information about them will you include.
  3. Interface Design/Layout – What will you want your site to look like.
  4. Social Media – Will you include social media? Why/why not? If yes what will we see in that space. Realize that if you use YouTube and/or Vimeo you have a ‘channel.’ Will you improve/edit it? How?

Information: Decluttered

Hoping to work in digital production, content strategy, or multimedia journalism, my portfolio will be a combination of both my writing and technical skills. Having written for the college’s paper for a few semesters I am now online editor, in charge of all the content on the website (editing, formatting, design, etc.).The piece below is an excerpt and link to an article I wrote for the school’s online newspaper.


For a moment, Natalie Genao felt vulnerable. During a movie screening about domestic abuse at the Coalition of One Hundred Black Women’s annual Signature Role Model Program, Genao remembered feeling the beatings.
“Through the entire workshop I felt like I was transparent,” she said.
Genao, 24, is one of three York College students who attended the seminar from April 14 to 17, which covered a number of issues that women of color face from getting jobs to domestic violence and getting help in abuse situations.
Genao attended the seminar with Suzanne Sylvester, 20, and Aaisha Joseph, 26…

Read More

This piece is only a display of my writing abilities. I plan to expand by the end of the semester to include any design/editorial changes I make to the website including added use of mediums specific to the web including audio and visual stories as well as a few design changes.

Pandora's Box Homescreen


This is the current homepage, keep posted for updates!

Blog Admiration

Richard Koci Hernandez

Richard Koci Hernandez is an assistant professor at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. His online portfolio  grabs me because, outside of it being aesthetically pleasing it is well organized. In a field like multimedia journalism a person needs to display skills from writing to photography to video and so on. Hernandez organized his website so that, despite the large amount of information pages are not cluttered, giving the user easy guidance to the parts of the website they’re most interested in without forcing them to view content that doesn’t engage them.

While professional, the site includes a variety of his personal favorite quotes, including:

“I trust that the creative eye will continue to function, whatever technological innovations may develop.” – Ansel Adams

Which I believe speaks to his personal philosophy. The quotes continue on his “process” page, where he describes his personal work process and quotes that align with each step.Richard Koci Hernandez Process

The site also contains links to sign up for his workshops, links to art he has up for sale and his contact information. It is promotional without being obnoxious, informative but not cluttered.



Representing Your Brand

When looking for work in any career field, just saying your good at something is not enough. You need something to display the work you’ve done in a professional organized manner; you need a portfolio. Within your portfolio should contain specific ideas designs or plans that focus on what you or your company specializes in.

In my recent research of the most simple but yet descriptive, captivating, portfolio I found Andrea Bertola, creator of the new york website designer. Originally, Andrea Bertola started as entrepreneur but then eventually hired other designers who shared her same passions for web design. Hence, The New York Website Designer was born.

The New York Website Designer is comprised of a group of designers that came together on one platform to provided a great service. The New York Website Designer site offers both film and web services for almost all budgets because of the many talents onboard. In my exploration of The New York Website Designer site, I felt that the site was clean, modern, and straight to the point.

Taking what I found into consideration to my own portfolio, I decided to add a site ( I created for musical talent Gregory H. Hopkins to my own portfolio. For me, adding this site to my portfolio would showcase the progression I’ve made as a web developer. The progression would show style and coding techniques unique to the ideas I want to display. 

The beginnings shape your future

As far as what should be in a portfolio there should anything that an individual believes should be displayed. I have learned a lot from my classes and work that I have done whether it is good or bad. Not every piece of work that has been created is guaranteed to be good or even great but if you did a comparison from then to now anyone would notice great deal of change. When I took DS106 we all had to sign up for a website and since then I have kept it and i hope to redesign it to show the work that I have. 

Last semester I interviewed my friend Satish on the topic of portrait of a person unfortunately the project was rushed because I had not been able to find anyone who could help me with the assignment and he took some time to help me.

When it comes to a web presence I thought the group of Derrick Comedy was one to really stand out. The group consisted of DC Pierson, Dominic Dierkes and Donald Glover who is better known as Childish Gambino. They originally formed in NYU and started out on YouTube just like anyone else and had blown up all over the internet with their comedy. They also have a tumblr which has memes and gifs of their previous videos. They also post about what goes on in their lives