The All in All

The end of the semester is here and half of the academic year is over.

For Final Project:

a) My group (JCC & Myself) has been given permission to register for Final Project Spring ’15.

b) We are going to create portrayal of some of the skills and talents of Dr. Gregory H. Hopkins. Dr. Hopkins is a tenured Professor of Classical Voice at Howard University holding degrees from Temple University and Curtis Institute of Music, and he has served as an Artistic Director and Music Minister for over 20 years.  We will be crafting a website to showcase him along with shorter length videos of about 2-3 minutes long that would compliment the different content on the website rather than a single 10 minute documentary.

c) We currently have access to numerous articles of Dr. Hopkins that he himself have collected over the years along with pictures. We have access to Dr. Hopkins himself for any interviews, but clearance to access any recording of him performing has to be planned ahead and requested. We already have a domain name for the site and cameras, microphones etc. are available.

d) Our timeline is currently as is:

December 2014: Collection and study of given articles from Dr. Hopkins to determine the uses of these pieces.

January 2015 : Christmas break. Continue organizing documents, and planning dates to meet with Dr. Hopkins and for upcoming events that he has.


  • Video

To record one or two interviews of Dr.Hopkins, and footage of Dr. Hopkins in rehearsals and performance as he conducts the choir. We will also be collecting stills of Dr. Hopkins as he works with the choir. Collecting data and begin to building the website with stills, narratives and possible audio.

  • Web

Start the wireframing process for the websites layout. Begin to sketch out content layout.

  • Site name
  • Drafting navigation menu
  • Amount of pages
  • Color scheme
  • Overall user experience


  • Video

Compiling footage to create the best narrative from what we have recorded into a 5 – 10 minute documentary. This will be inclusive of recorded and interview and B-Roll footage. Continuing to build website.

  • Web

Finalization of site layout and any additional customizations needed to enhance the user experience.

  • Link social media
  • Organize interview(s) and pictures according to page content
  • Begin to edit and transcribe all videos
  • Enhance picture quality of photos if necessary and format for all device users


  • Video / Web

Applying finishes to both the website and documentary with any retakes if necessary.

We intend to wrap up by May 8th, 2015.


a) I do not have an internship in place as yet, but I do plan on doing one during Summer 2015.

b) I have my resume ready to go in several formats, with a large master resume and then smaller downsized resumes for different companies e.g an audio project edited resume for radio stations, and a video projects resume for a company such as Viacom.


I think I kind of struggled in this area the most out of all. Not in terms of having the content and describing work or organizing it, but just my vision of how I would like to layout items. My resume is a part of my About Me page. Although I have my contact information up, I am still struggling a bit with the social media links.

Richard’s Masterplan……. Yeahhhhh right!!!!

First off let me say, this class has certainly pushed me to get all my “Ducks in a Row” as my father would say and has told me many times before.  Which means, Procrastination is not my friend.

I have registered for the Final Project course but have yet to be approved by Michael Smith.  Hopefully, after this little “Speel”, I’ll get permission:

1. My Final Project Proposal is to shoot, star in and edit a short film called “Down & Outta here“.  It’s the Story of a talented person but gets sucked into drug addiction.  After a long rehabilitation stint, he returns home to his wife but finds that she has been cheating on him while he was away.  Despite his teachings while away, he slowly, and very comically is sucked back into his old ways of doing things.  With help from his friends and family, he manages to pull himself out of the gutter and overcome his demons.  It’s a real cheer for him type of story.  We as the audience will feel his pain.

I have written a script for the short already but it has to be tweeked a little bit for the screenplay but nevertheless, the story is solid.

I have one camera of my own and am certain I may borrow another when necessary from the CT lab.  Sound will be handled via zoom recorders and external mics on the DSLR’s.  I can always tweek my sounds with Pro Tools.I have perfect locations for each scene already in mind and those special scenes like a bar, the people have been notified and I may use it when ready. I used to work at one of the locations and I have unimpeded access.  All of my actors haven’t been put into place yet, but I’ve gotten plenty of offers and before I commit to any of them, I’ll need permission to enroll in the course, then Production will begin.  I have a total of 7 roles in the movie.

My time for shooting the entire film would take me 2 to 3 months and editing another 2. In case of setbacks, I can allow only one other month for the entire project to be finished.

I do not have an internship planned yet, but I’ve recieved an offer for one next semester and really don’t want to accept it because I’m really dead-set on doing my final Project in the Spring.  Also, I’d much rather do an summer internship, hopefully “paid”.

My Portfolio is looking really good and I have linked my resume to my Bio page.  Daniel said I should add more to my resume, but as of yet, I’ve yet to do that being as busy as I am.  But, what I have will surfice because all of my production is on the site. Why read about it when you can see it first hand.

As such:

Richard D. Holmes’s Portfolio

Give Me a Little More Time…

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by Jill Clardy

For the final day of Black Book we will be showcasing your portfolios as well as hosting an event around the GIF the Portrait project. Think of the day as an unofficial CT party. Something that we should have been doing already.

A final post as well should be written and published for that day which will provide a final report on your progress toward creating a final project proposal, preparing for the internship, and creating a portfolio/online digital presence. Here are some guidelines to consider in your final written post:

  1. Final Project Proposal
    1. Have you been given permission to register for the final project class? If not do you have a semester in mind to register?
    2. Give a clear description of what you are going to make. This is a paragraph that would give some technical detail as well as illustrate the ‘story’ of your work. That narrative is possible to write whether it is an actual traditional documentary, or a website, or a set of GIFs, or an animation, or an abstract music video. There will be structure to your project that you should be able to articulate in writing.
    3. Describe what assets you have to complete the project. These vary of course to the project. Fiction films need scripts, actors, locations, crew, and more all set. Websites need domain names, web hosting, web applications. Animations need characters, backgrounds, music, tools for animating. What resources, pieces, tools, etc. do you have in place to complete your project by the end of the semester.
    4. A timeline for finishing your project based on major milestones. Define so key things that will need to be made throughout your project and nail a date down for completing them. Put these together in a list format. Check them for feasibility.
  2. Internship Plan
    1. Do you have an internship in place and approved by Daniel Phelps? If not do you have a semester in mind to register?
    2. Is you resume ready to go. Have you written a cover email to an organization of interest? Do you include a link to an online presence/portfolio?
  3. Portfolio – The choices you’ve mede you should in your post example where you are with them. Which allows to recognize you need to do work.
    1. Work Example
      1. Description and additional meta data
      2. A method of work organization and presentation
    2. Contact Info – choices of kinds of contact info based on privacy concerns
    3. A clear organization/navigation of the site
    4. Resume/CV/credits/clips/external links
    5. Social Media Links and/or embeds
    6. About me/artist statement/who am i/ WTF do I do?
    7. REAL NAME
    8. A Domain name and/or URL (this may or may not be connected to a service)

Taking your advice and remembering to ask for help

creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by gruntzooki

We’ve got five weeks or so left in the semester and three remaining meeting days. The three main goals for the class – internship preparation, final project proposal, and online portfolio are in various states of readiness. On the last class you are going to report out on all three and present your online portfolio too.

What I thought would be a good idea today would be for you to review your own advice first. Ask yourself which of these pieces of advice do I need to take to heart myself and why. Which things could you be doing more often even as you are about to finish school.

And finally recognizing it’s not always about knowing what you should do but asking for help where you need it most. So I’d like you to ask me what can I do in these last few weeks to help you accomplish the three goals in this course. Or anything else!

Would you like me to review, help edit an about page on your portfolio? Give feedback on the pieces you’ve selected to present? Jog through some final project ideas? Help frame some steps to be taken toward your final project? Talk about approaches to contacting a company you’d like to intern with? Anything else?

Let me know.

Internship Please?!

  1. Cablevision: This is a company which provides college students with unpaid internships. They will be able to work with a news channel and help with things such as gathering information for the news, working with handling remote lighting, audio, videotaping, etc. I think this would be a great internship because I will have hands on experience with a little bit of everything in my major. I will become more skilled and learn a lot more. This company is located in the NY/Yonkers area.
  2. 709 Van Siclen Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY
    This internship focuses mostly on video editing. This company will help expand my knowledge about editing and I will be able to learn a lot. There are lots of things that I still need to work on and I think this internship will help. I will be more skilled in the editing department.
    3. The Whistle

    25 Broadway
    New York, NY
    This is a part time, unpaid internship. It’s a Spring internship. Again, this internship mostly focuses on editing. It will enhance my knowledge of editing with programs such as the Final Cut Pro and Avid.
    4. Auritt Communications Group

    555 8th Avenue, Suite 709
    Midtown, NY
    This internship is available all year round. It’s unpaid. This internship produces live TV and radio interviews. They seem very strict on deadlines and the way their employees are dressed. Along with learning about editing, etc, I will also get a look at the real world after college.
    5. IMI Productions

    211 East 43rd Street
    New York, NY
    This is an all year round, unpaid internship. This company focuses on TV productions as well as editing. They are known to produce major music videos, red carpet events, etc. I think this will be a great internship because I will learn a lot from this company. They have great benefits in terms of teaching their interns to be the best and this will be amazing and helpful to me
    6. Allegory Productions

    12 Desbrosses Street
    New York, NY
    This is an all year round, unpaid internship. They are looking for serious, “hungry” interns who will benefit a lot from this company. They help in TV Productions with lighting, editing and much more!
    7. Record Label within Universal Music Group

    1755 Broadway
    New York, NY

    This is be the best internship. It’s an all year round, unpaid internship. I think this internship will contribute a little to each part of what a TV production student should be able to do. By having this internship, I will learn a lot more and become a better person in my field.

The Top 10 Spots in Media City

Out of the many many media companies in New York City, the following 10 companies are top companies that I would prefer to intern/work at:

1.NBCUniversal                                                                                                                           GE Building 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York, NY                                                                   Telephone: 212-664-4444

Alexis Capra – Director, Human Resources – NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal is a merger between Vivendi Universal Entertainment. However NBC the broadcast company is what I’m more interested. NBC is the oldest broadcast network in the U.S. and started in radio and has been involved in radio for about 88 years and about 75 years in television so they have lots of experience and certainly helped shaped the broadcast industry. NBC is headquartered in New York City with many owned and affiliated stations in the United States. I would like to work for NBC because of the diversity of production jobs they offer, With a large company like NBC I am not sure exactly what I would like to do but right now live-directing interests me and some producing.

2. Discovery Communications Inc.                                                                                    Silver Spring, Maryland
Telephone: 240-662-2000

Adria Alpert Romm – Chief Human Resources & Global Diversity Officer

Jessica Loftus – Recruitment Specialist at Discovery Communications

Discovery Communications began as The Discovery Channel in 1985, and throughout the 1990s they acquired and developed new channels. They operate 14 channels which they either partially or fully own. Even though the company is headquartered in Maryland, they provide good internships here in New York. The TV Development internship requires good creativity, along with research and development, which I hope could lead to further opportunities after the internship is completed. I would be open to most opportunities even if they were located outside of New York.

3. Time Warner Inc.                                                                                                             One Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle
New York, NY                                                                                                           Telephone: 212-484-8000

Karen Magee – Chief Human Resources Officer

Amy Chan – Sr. Coordinator, Human Resources at Time Warner Inc.

Time Warner originally started as Time Magazine back in 1923 and over many decades bought several media companies and sold some. The split with AOL and Time Warner Cable is the most the most recent for the company. Time Warner currently operates through three main companies being, HBO, Turner Broadcast Systems and Warner Brothers. Internships are available at all 3 companies through the College Associate Program. Time Warner would offer TV development and programming opportunities but I would  prefer to work in any of their live programming divisions.

4. iHeart Media, Inc.                                                                                                         HQ: San Antonio, Texas

iHeart Radio                                                                                                                       32 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013                                                                                                          Telephone: 212-377-7900

iHeart Media up to recently was known as Clear Channel Media. iHeart owns over 800 radio stations in the US which they have acquired by buying out many other stations and smaller companies. Radio in my opinion is very linked to their live events and news as well. They used to operate some television stations but they sold them off. iHeart also owns radio stations outside of the US. However owning so many stations in the U.S. enables iHeart to syndicate shows from one station say in New York to multiple markets that they choose. Working at any one of iHeart’s 6 radio stations in New York City could really open doors for anyone wanting to gain experience and find work in Radio. With their large network there is ample work available, not only in traditional broadcast, but also a lot of online and social media work is done. Writing for radio would not really be my interest, though I wouldn’t turn it down, I’m more interested in the technical workings of broadcast.

5. Emmis Communications                                                                                               One EMMIS Plaza
40 Monument Circle, Suite 700
Indianapolis, Indiana

Emmis – New York                                                                                                             Hot 97                                                                                                                              395 Hudson St. 7th Floor
New York, NY

Jeffrey Thacker: Director of Digital for HOT 97, Fax: 212-367-1655

Emmis Communications was very to similar to iHeart Media when it was Clear Channel in that the company also went about acquiring individual radio stations and smaller companies around the U.S. As it relates to New York City, Emmis only owns 4 radio stations including Hot 97 unlike iHeart Media which owns and operates 6 stations. Emmis has also sold much of TV stations as well, but still operates some magazines in the U.S. Emmis only operates 3 of the stations it owns here in NYC the other is operated by ESPN (Disney). I believe an internship with Emmis Communications, would be similar to iHeart in terms of opportunity to learn and gain experience, and possible employment after the internship. I also prefer the clearer outline for their internship requirements on Hot 97 and WBLS websites. WBLS really gives the widest explanation showing internships in areas from programming and production to marketing and promotion.

6. CBS                                                                                                                              51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY
Telephone: 212-975-4321

Anthony G. Ambrosio – Chief Human Resources Officer

CBS News: Katie Curcio – Director, Intern Program
524 West 57th Street, New York, NY

CBS is one of the “big 4” networks and the second largest network in the U.S. Like the other major networks CBS started broadcasting in radio and then ventured in television. CBS provides not only produces and broadcast for both radio and television, they also provide studio facilities that are used by non-CBS affiliated companies. CBS in my opinion would provide very similar opportunities to the other networks. Their corporate jobs page is a little harder to navigate and the CBS 2 job and internship page leads back to the corporate site.

7. Disney – ABC                                                                                                              WABC
7 Lincoln Square
New York, New York 10023
(212) 456-7777

Rebecca Ressy – Human Resources Manager at WABC-TV

ABC is the third oldest of the big 4 networks and similarly to CBS and NBC started broadcasting in radio then ventured into television. ABC in terms of operating history was originally known as the NBC blue company, which occurred after a federal (FCC) split of NBC into NBC red and blue. Red remained NBC, while blue was sold and eventually became ABC. While ABC has for years lagged behind NBC and CBS as networks, it really gained public popularity, through its acquisition of majority share of ESPN networks, before being bought out by The Walt Disney Company. Being bought out by Disney has allowed ABC more flexibility with its broadcast content, since it can easily share content with any of its sister networks with ESPN being the biggest sharer. I would like an internship very much at ABC although I understand the high level of competition. There is opportunity, whether it is with ABC local channel 7 which they post at certain times of the year on their website, or with ABC network through the Disney career site, which also offers internships with ESPN and Marvel. With ABC I would be more interested in their live broadcast productions.


WNYC 93.9 FM and AM 820

WNYC Radio
160 Varick St.
New York, NY

Tel: (646) 829-4000 / (646) 829-4400

Rachna Karrol – Vice President of Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness

NPR- National Public Radio is a radio network of about 900 radio stations nation-wide in the U.S. consisting of non-commercial and educational stations with at least 5 full time employees. Many NPR stations began as college and university radio stations and it was through the public broadcast act signed by President Johnson in 1967 that encouraged the need for a national radio service. NPR broadcasts 28 programs through its network and also broadcast on satellite through Sirius XM. Many of NPR’s stations have much slower broadcast than commercial radio such as 1010 WINS. I believe to intern with NPR would also provide good experience though not as fast paced as iHeart or Emmis stations.

9. Fox Five

Roselyn Barranda, M.S. – Human Resources Director
FOX Television Stations
205 East 67th Street
New York, NY 10065
Phone: 212-452-5700
Fax: 212-879-8092

Fox Broadcasting is the youngest network out of the big 4 and was started only in 1985. Fox is also the one of the big 4 to begin broadcasts in television and not radio. Although Fox Network is headquartered in Los Angeles New York is still its vital broadcast with Good Day New York and Fox News at 5pm.  For me Fox is a little different as it relates to an internship, because I actually did an interview with Ms. Barranda and she was actually interested in the fact that I have an associates degree in Civil Engineer and worked in construction. I believe the only reason that I wasn’t able to do an internship with Fox Five this semester is because the days I won’t be available due to my class schedule. As with the other 3 big networks I believe they would offer great opportunities for broadcast operations both in and out of New York City.

10. Viacom                                                                                                                    1515 Broadway                                                                                                              New York, NY

Andrea MacRae – Manager, Viacom Human Resources
1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
T 212.846.7747 | F 212.846.1850

Viacom originally started in 1971 as a division of CBS, and the current Viacom became a spin off from CBS as Viacom Inc. Viacom currently has 15 brands/ companies under it’s ownership much similar to Discovery Communications, with companies such as BET and MTV networks. Besides Paramount Pictures, nearly all of Viacom’s companies are music and entertainment driven networks, ranging from Urban to Country. Similar to Fox Five, I actually had contact with their HR manager, but the problem here was that they contacted me 3 weeks into the semester so that was not feasible that late into the semester. I believe that summer 2015 would be a much better opportunity for internship, and possible work afterwards in their creative work division.



Hire Me!

“It’s not always about who you know but how you prepare.”


The ten internship companies that I found are listed below:

Night Owl Interactive
260 West 35th Street, Suite 703
New York, NY 10001
Tel: (646) 755-9863

Night Owl interactive is a company based in New York that is comprised of many talented designers, programmers, and coders. Night Owl prides itself on primarily focusing on creating beautiful interactive web designs and developing custom web applications. I found this company interesting simply because it seemed like a small company and eager to hire interns for potential full-time positions. I would like to really get a grasp of how the web design industry is while testing my skills through various design oriented work.

The Adventure Project
242 W 30th Street | Suite 806
New York, NY 10001
Tel: (650) 303.1899

The Adventure Project is a company based in New York that is focused on adds and venture capital to create jobs in developing countries to provide people with the tools, training and resources needed to earn income while serving their communities with better health care, food, water and a cleaner environment. In the past three years, they’ve managed to raise over one million dollars from over 5,000 individuals. I believe in this organization and their movement and feel that my involvement with advertisement design would broaden my skill-set. I find this company interesting and appealing because from what Ive read it seems like they are a company made up of the people for the people.

Department of Education (DOE)

I found The New York City Department of Education (DOE) to be interesting mainly because it services over 1.1 million students throughout 1,800 schools. To get a design internship through this government organization would span my work and presence throughout many locations pending I do well. Interning for the government would give me a good platform as I transition to a career search during or after my internship.

Housing Preservation & Development (HPD)
Office of Communications
Division of Strategy & Operation
100 Gold Street
New York, NY 10038

The NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) is unlike the other internships I’ve looked into because they are the nation’s largest municipal housing preservation and development agency. The HPD’s focal is on promoting the preservation of affordable housing through education, outreach, loan programs and enforcement of housing quality standards. Which is an activity that requires many designs and ads set in place to reach their target crowd. Overall I feel that my work here would go further than many other internships based on their organization goals and needs.

Interval USA
Diane Sauvage
Hoboken Business Center Suite 211 E
50 Harrison Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030 USA

Although, this internship is not in the tri-state area I found it still worth while to apply. The interval company is the US subsidiary of a French export agency, that specialized in the sales and marketing of high-quality distinctive French specialty cheeses and fine butters worldwide. I don’t really eat cheese that much but from an internship perspective I found that this internship would help me to further my design and group work skills. I surmise that the environment of this internship is culturally diverse which I find most appealing. I would like to help design logo for their many food products and future site.

Helms Society
411 Lafayette Street, 6th floor
New York, NY 10003
Tel: 212-380-1487

In this internship, you’ll have the freedom to focus on aspects of our business that engage your passions, talents and career goals, while getting coached and building key skills in the process. Role will vary and it’s very entrepreneurial.

Preparatoire, LLC
New York, NY

From what I’ve read Préparatoire is a purposeful fashion company focused on clothing design for pre-adolescent males as they transcend into adulthood. Their brand aims at evoking a confidence in boys through clothing that inspires them into phenomenal men.

Red Rooster Group
45 West 29th Street, Suite 501
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212.673.9353

Red Rooster Group is a innovative design firm, based in New York, that specializes in working with nonprofits. Red Rooster Group highlights its development activities for interns with paid training and a multitude of on an off site expeditions. I feel that my role there would be to work as a web designer or graphic designer. I find that they are really flexible with what your primary focus is there so it is possible that they welcome diversity. I like this company mainly because they are not fixated in one area of advertisement but almost all aspects as it relates to media. I believe that would provide a great learning platform for me and potentially make this a choice place to intern and possibly work.
104 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001, USA
Tel: 646-230-0100
Fax: 646-230-0200

Like many of the other companies I have listed above, Relix, too is a New York based magazine company that collects personal and non-personal volunteered information to better connect readers to their preferred interest while visiting the site. Relix prides themselves in finding and spreading the word about great music to its users through volunteered user data. My desired role in Relix would be to work hands on designing album covers or magazine covers that I how to transition from into web based designing. I would love to help design the layout of platforms pages and user interaction.


After looking through many internships, i tried to pick the ones i found interesting & below are the information for the companies!

1.Company: Boys and Girls Harbor Inc
Addresses: 1 EAST 104 st New York, NY
Contact: 212-427-2244

This company was started to help young children grow and become more empowered.It’s a place for young children to feel empowered and to grow. It offers them a place to feel like there somebody in this world because of so much going on around them.Anthony Drexel Duke was the founder of this company and with his great background from Princeton University, he wanted to create a place where young children would feel welcomed and develop not only in education but in other ways to help them grow.The role of being a Writer/Editor would help me to work for this company because there company is looking for someone who performs strong oral and communications skill.

After doing my research on this company, I feel as if i could add to their company because I have knowledge on the programs that they are requiring such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel and much more.This company would help me grow more and teach me more stuff about communications in general.Their company will help me to create and develop more media knowledge as well.

Addresses: 437 5th Aveneue New York,NY
Contact: 212-243-3900

This company allows an individual to bid of different things to help different charities. You could bid on a change to meet JayZ or to have lunch with Obama. The money earned goes to different charities and it helps make your dream into a reality.After researching about this company i love what they do and what they stand for. They work with multiple charities such as Little Kids Rock and Mentoring USA.I would really love the opportunity to work with this company because i would offer them my skills as well as feeling like I’m giving back.

When looking at their requirements they didn’t’ list anything about having any knowledge on different software programs such as Photoshop and After Effects so I’m hoping i could add my skills on these programs to their company and I also have Facebook and instagram and i could add to their company with my knowledge on these media sites.

Addresses: 34-36 Union Street Flushing,NY
Contact: 212-213-0257

The goal of this company is to empower little kid to think big and to learn new things about health,nutrition and fitness.I believe i could add to their company because I already have knowledge with working with kids so it would be in my comfort zone. I think i could help this company by offering them my skills with working with children as well as offering them my knowledge on different computer programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop.Their company was started by Lyle Benjamin and his goal was to develop a place where young children could learn from each other as well as empowering them.

16ThingsKidsCanDo isn’t asking for a lot from an intern. They want an intern that has professionalism,communications skills and a willingness to work. I believe i possess all of these things and i plan to add to their company with my communication skills.

Addresses: 30 W 26th Street New York,NY
Contact: 646-638-0565

This company allows a student to be mentored and working along people that wants to empower students.This company was founded in 1995 it works with the collaboration of business and public school. I plan to add to this company by working alongside them by helping them with different social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram,and also helping them to promote their company more.I could also add to their company with my knowledge on Photoshop.

Their requirements make me feel as if this job is a great start for my internship career because it will help me to show them that i’m really passionate about their company along with learning more communications insights from them as well.

5. New Eyes For The Needy,INC
Addresses: 549 Milburn Ave, NJ
Contact: 973-376-4903

This company was founded in 1932 by Julia Lawerance Terry.Their mission of their company is to help people who are less fortunate to be able to get glasses if they need.They have helped 6,664 people in the United States and they have also recycled over 140,000 glasses. I believe i could add to their company as a writer/editor because they are looking for someone who would be able to edit and proof read other team members work.

I would envision myself working for this company by helping them and adding to their company by offering them my knowledge with different software programs and i would love the opportunity to learn from their company as well because of what they stand for.

Addresses: 234 Columbus Ave New York,NY
Contact: 212-858-0305

This company’s goal is to get you in shape and their website shows that very well.This company was started recently in 2013 and i would like to work as an Editor/Writer for this company because it would give me the opportunity to get more constructive criticism in my work as well as learning from their company.

I believe this is a great internship for me because i could offer this company the things an programs i learned so far as well as building my portfolio and resume along the way. I would also get a chance to learn from them and improve my knowledge.

7. Dylan’s Candy Bar
Addresses: 1011 Third Ave at 60th St,NY
Contact: 646-735-0078

First off, I would love to work for this company.Being a candy and chocolate lover,this would be a dream come true. This company was founded by in . With the love of candy i would love to work for this company as a editor/writer. Their company doesn’t have a lot of requirements for an intern they are looking for. My knowledge on social networking sites as well and different software programs would help me to contribute to their company.

I believe this company would be a great internship for me because it will help me better my communications skills as well as learning hands on from some great experts.

8.Lead Clearance,INC
Addresses: 6223 20th Ave Brooklyn,NY
Contact: 347-699-5323

This is an EPA Lead testing company and they were established in 2004.If i get the opportunity to intern with this company i would love to work as a writer/ editor because their requirements is for someone to be able to give feedback on team members work.
I plan to offer this company my knowledge on the different software programs as well as learning from them and learning the different things they could offer me as well.

It’s About Time

Although seven weeks may seem like a lot of time, it’s not. That is why I have prioritized what and how I will do the things necessary for my success. Without further ado, I present my seven week personal course outline.

Week 1 / 2:

Although, I have already done some internship research weeks one and two will be solely dedicated to internship research, portfolio building, and resume proofing. Having a grasp of what internships/ jobs are out there will help direct my internship choice. Also, finalizing a professional working portfolio is key to applying for internships. My portfolio will represent me before any interviews are made, so I must make sure it’s professionally critiqued.

While in week 1 I will have already drafted my proposal for my final project, have my team members, and know the direction that I am taking because this was preplanned.

Week 2 / 4:

During week 2 I will focus solely on the production content of my portfolio. If I have not done so already, I will begin to weed out all unfinished work. This way there is no hesitations when applying for internships.

In both weeks 3 – 4 I will begin setting up about three online undergrad  internship accounts. These accounts will focus on internship placement so my search criteria is narrowed to my capabilities.

Week 4 / 7:

For weeks 4 – 7 this time will be dedicated to applying to web design and graphic design internships. I will continue to build my portfolio and update it online to have the most current information but my primary focus will be just internships.




Places I would like to work/intern at

When we had to list out places we would like to do our internship at it was a tough choice. This is an internship that we should find interesting to us as well as want to expand our minds to learning something new within our field and in the entire industry.I only managed to find 8 out of 10 so far and am hopeful to find more and fill in the rest of this post.

1)    NYC Media Internship
1 Centre St

New York, NY

(212) 669-7400
This Media Station stands out to me because not only do they have television programs but radio is also a part of their programming. A bonus is that it is a part of the mayors office media and entertainment that educates everyone I believe this would be a great place to learn from because it also has an online network which allows its interns to get a feel for all three areas in one setting.
2)     Allegory Productions

       12 Desbrosses Street
       New York, NY

While researching I came across this Production company that does the kind of productions I would like to do. Not only do they require the skills of handling DSLR cameras but they want you to comfortably talk to businesses which is a very important part of doing any kind of work being able to speak to clients/businesses without being hesitant. Including the video production involved Lighting and sound would be just as involved making it more worthwhile  because sound and lighting are important factors.

3)  Kalliste Organics Inc.

    10 Cedar St.
     Dobbs Ferry, NY
At a first look when researching this internship listing was different from the other ones listed above. This retail group sells house products such as soap, creams and other types of care products and are looking to hire for the Video Production Assistant Internship. I think this is different in a good way because it would give more creative control to the production assistant who is in charge of their advertisement giving a small step into the type of work one might possibly do in the future.
4)    The Actors Theatre Workshop

        Manhattan, NY
This is a non-profit theatre education program where interns recieve hands-on management training. what is even better about this is if the intern has any skill with video production they can assist in their video production.
5)    DvDepot

       251 West 39th Street, 7th Floor
       New York, NY

This next place is a Equipment loaning shop. This is similar to what I do as a college assistant for the CT Lab by loaning out equipment. This would be a very beneficial internship because there would be a lot of video equipment to handle and learn about giving a great exposure and using it will be a challenge but will be worthwhile when using the actual equipment and maintaining i properly.

6)     cinematic music group

        West 38th and 9th
        Manhattan, NY
This group is a little more diverse than others posted above because they also have music involved with their group. It says in their ad that they are not one of those places who makes you get coffee and do things that do not benefit you. They need help running their company and gain valuable hands on experience.This is different to hear since other places have you work your way up I guess they would test your level of knowledge and see how you can help out best which sounds like a good place to start.

super sprowtz
Nassau Ave
Brooklyn, NY
This company promotes nutrition education for children and help them know all about wellness and nutrition. This is a positive message to send out and I would easily want to help that cause because I can relate to this because if I had the knowledge earlier in my life, I could have been healthier than I am now. What stands out the most from the necessities is that the use of the green screen is needed which is exciting since I have never worked with one and will soon.

New York, NY
Everyone Knows about Disney and their impact on the media Industry. It makes sense to want to work alongside with them and gain valuable experience with them. The issues I would have with getting an internship with them is my fluency in another language and my cumulative GPA. My major GPA is 3.0 but the overall is lower than that which makes it more difficult to be in that position with them.