The Final Setup

I have not been given permission to take final project as of yet. I know that I would like to do a podcast. My podcast would be released every two weeks starting in May 2015. I am planning on taking the final project class in Fall 2015. The reason why I am deciding on taking it during the 2015 fall semester is because final project would be the only class I will to be taking in the fall. This is going to allow me to be fully dedicated and focused on my final project. I want my final project to be something that can possible help me open some door for me in the radio industry.


The podcast I have in mind is going to have like a morning show feel to it. But you can tune into us at anytime. It is going to be about an hour to an hour and a half show. It would be either released every other Monday or every other Friday on Soundcloud and other different podcast services. We would talk about our daily lives, past experiences, relationship issues, and other different topics. Also I would like to have guest interview. (Up and coming artist). I have decided to partner up with Shakelia, who would be co-host of our show and she would be in charge of the guests we would have on the show. I would also like to incorporate some music or some sound effect that would be appropriate for the show. I do not want this to be some corny/low production show. Even though, I am not going to have the best production equipment. I am going to put all of me into this podcast and I want to show that I am really truly passionate about radio production/sound editing.


I have a friend who is a music producer and he has all of the tools I need in order to record my podcast. I have Adobe Audition to make my sound editing and I can also see if my friend is available to help me out with some sound editing too. I am also doing my research to see if I can possible make my own little studio. But as a backup I have found apps on my phone that I can record and upload my podcast directly to there website.


In regards to my Internship Plan, I have some ideas where I would like to intern. I would love to intern for the Elvis Duran and The Morning Show during the summer. They will be accepting applicants for the Summer 2015 semester starting April 1st. I am also thinking about possibly doing another internship during the fall 2015. I am open to any radio production company. I am interested in interning at Sirius, iHeart Radio, Hot97, Power105, La Mega, La X. or ESPN Radio. I definitely will be talking to Daniel Phelps to see if he can give me some pointers/guidance to land a great internship location.

I have a resume I believe is ready to go. But I need to have Daniel Phelps approve it or maybe give me some suggestions to make it better. I need to work on writing my cover letter, since the internships I would like to get into require a cover letter. I definitely would link my online portfolio to show what kind of person I am. They describe that they would like to have people who are fun and I believe a way that they can determine that is by my online presence.


I do have an Online Portfolio that does need some more of my work. My portfolio link is I will be learning more skills in the spring semester and I would like to be able to show case my skills in the near future. I do have some of my work that I am proud of and I believe if will reflect what I am capable of doing. I have attached my resume, along with my contact information, to my portfolio; I just need to work on my cover letter. There are also links to my social media. My online portfolio is easy to navigate since everything is on one page and the links on the top of the page just automatically scroll down to what you have chosen. If you click on the about me link it will scroll automatically to about a quarter way down and it will show you my “About Me” information. I really like the way my portfolio is set up but I just need to put some more of my own work into it. But I am also open to any suggestions. The links I have are Home, About, Services, Production, and Contact.




my Thoughts

Final Project

I have an idea for my final project but my issue is, I am not sure if I can find the proper place to do it. I was thinking about doing a podcast but I don’t want it to be a low quality production. I would like to have clean audio, a comfortable space where I can have the option to have guests, and a place where where I can say whatever I want without being censored. I need to find a space where I can do this and for cheap.


I Don’t Care If I Get Paid, I Just Want The Experience.

1- Elvis Duran Morning Show

This is one of the most listened to morning shows in the Tri-State area and in the country. It is on Monday thru Friday from 6am-10am. Radio has always been really interesting to me. The Elvis Duran Moring Show has so many different elements to the show that I feel I can learn a lot from them. They have different segues that a communication technology major can contributed to the show. They have segues like “What’s Thrending”, “The Reality Check” and they always have didn’t different sound bites that make the show fun. One of the things I really enjoy is sound editing and radio. Maybe I can learn more sound editing skills and some more how to control the board.

2- iHeart Radio

32 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10013

Phone: 212.377.7900

Similar as The Elvis Duran Moring Show

3- Sirius

I am a big fan of Howard Stern as well and he currently has a spring Internship for The Howard Stern Show. I am sure that he has a team that does similar as The Elvis Duran Morning Show. Below are other internships that I am really interested in because I really have a passion for radio production.

SPRING Internship -Intern, Music Programming Operations

SPRING Internship -Intern, Music Production NY

SPRING Internship -Intern, Music Programming (SiriusXM Hits 1/Morning Mash Up)

4- SBS – Spanish Broad Casting

One of my favorite DJs is Alex Sensation who is on La Mega 97.9 Mondays- Fridays 11am-3pm and he’s always busy doing something. I believe I can learn a lot of his sound editing and mixing. Im not sure if he is open to having an intern. But It doesn’t hurt to reach out and see if he is open to the idea. Click here for is contact information. He also has a Twitter and a Instagram account, maybe I can contact him thru one of these social media.

5- HBO

1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036

Im a really big fan of boxing and I have written a couple of blogs a couple of months ago and I am willing to learn anything new in the HBO Sports division. They currently don’t have any internships available right now. But they have a Twitter Account, which I look at from time to time.

6- Viacom

Viacom has some of my favorite TV stations such as MTV, Paramount, Comedy Central, and Spike. I would like to learn how the behied the screen stuff works within these stations. I saw that their internships offer many different skills and jobs. The ones I’m interested the most are Design, Editorial, On-Air Motion Graphics, Photography, Radio Network, and Web/Digital or Multimedia.

7- NBC

Web Content/Editorial, Photography, Post Production, and Graphic Design

Twitter Account

8- Live Nation Entertainment Graphic Design Intern

This is a company that sells concert tickets. I came across them by thinking about things that I love, and I love to go to concerts. I would like I would like to work on some concert advertising or learn what other types of graphic designs are out there.

9- The Garden


Creative/Graphic Design

10- Fox

Leaving A Lasting Impression

As for me, I started the CT program last semester. So I still have some more to learn.  But the things I have learned in the spring, I have really truly enjoyed. A portfolio in my opinion should have all of the work you are capable of doing. Also I believe one should learn different styles in order to show your client how versatile you can be and ultimately leave a lasting impression.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Things that I would include in my portfolio would be some sound editing I did a year ago in Nassau Community College. They have a Radio Production class that is really fun. I would also display some of my photography work and a blog that I worked on last semester. But unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with the blog. It was something I worked hard at because it’s something I wouldn’t mind doing for HBO Sports. In the end, your portfolio should include different way you’re able to put things together. This shows how well you work with different editing tools and programs.


Tim Tadder is someone I came across and I really liked his photographs. His work is something I would like to do as a career, among other things. He is known for his powerful portraits and high action intense sports imagery. His portfolio website is well organized and easy to navigate. When you go to his website, the first thing that comes up is a flash of his logo. Then it goes to the homepage where there is a slideshow of his work and on the left it give you all the options you need.


I am hoping to learn all of the skills and tools to have an appealing portfolio, to allow other people enjoy my work/projects. I believe a good portfolio should have some type of flow to it and it also needs to be organized. It needs to stand out and have a lasting impact in the person’s mind.