Nope, no more time…What do you have?

  1. Final Project Proposal
    1. Yes I have permission for final project in spring 15.
    2. I will be working with someone else, to create a animation with a time up to 15 mins. Using Adobe Flash, and with some Adobe Photoshop, we will recreate what we have plotted on the script. By using storyboards that we create, we then go through all of the stages of animation. Making sure we have the character design, voice overs, backgrounds, music and a decision on how to make the animation of the character flow.
    3. As for the animation we have characters, background ideas, music and a planned tool to use for animating (Adobe Flash).
    4. We have a planned timeline from the beginning of January to the day of  presenting.
  2. Internship Plan
    1. No, however I plan on taking a internship over the summer.
    2. I have gotten my resume checked and is in need of more production projects.  I will also include a link to my online portfolio.
  3. Portfolio
    1. I now have a domain that I will use for my portfolio. It has placeholder pictures for the moment, however during the winter break I will be rendering my artwork /graphics until they are presentable.
    2. I also have many videos from my motion graphics class and a demo reel that I would also like to refine and put on my portfolio website.
    3. I also consciously decided to add my social media links and my real name to my portfolio since it is a means to communicate with potential cliental.
    4. I also have a page for my resume, but I did get my resume checked by Dan, and was told to add more things to it. So when I put the other pieces together in the resume I will once again get my resume checked.
    5. Here is the link for my online Portfolio, It is easy to navigate, but once again the pictures are not of my own.

A variety of questions?

For the Final Project:

I would like to know how to go about handing out the design for the Final Project. For an animation; would I need to type out a storyboard with specific details (plot, character design) or with just some basic information(how long, how many scenes, etc…). I would also want to know if I can have access to other animation software-(ex. Maya).

For the Online Portfolio:

I just need to find a web hosting site for my website since my initial website expired. I also have many different pieces that I would need to add/be more active to my web presence-tumblr, twitter.

For the Resume:

I feel that I just need to have some more pieces added, with projects that I help work on in the FourthFloorProductions club to other independent projects that I am in progress of completing.

Meme Friday Korra Gif


Here is the gif that I created of Korra from the Legend of Korra, symbolizing the weird moment in her life as she tries to overcome the pain.

This was created using a mash up of different parts of her face in 2D then imported in photoshop and edited. The overall theme is this is unusual but a highly emotional transitional piece.

What’s the Game Plan???

So far in my plans I have come up with a rough sketch of what I plan to do over the next 7 weeks:

Week 8:

Work on adding things to my resume/internships, also refining more parts of my resume. Also I will go through with a plan for my final project and pitch it before I begin working on it.

Week 9 & 10:

Work on building better social media outlets, interacting/building a following. By using Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. Also create more professional side projects to add to my end portfolio. (Art, Videos and Graphics).

Week 11/12/13:

This time will be used for setting up a final project proposal. I will also check up on more internships that may be available and change them as I see fit.

Week 14-(Final week):

By this time I will have put all of the portfolio pieces into my resume and online portfolio with links to my active online presence and also have a final project proposal.

Finding your Niche!

So far I have come up with 7 possible places that I found interesting:

1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
PHONE: 212-698-7000

This is one of the big publishing houses located in New York. They publish many different genres of books. I would like to work within the web publication and graphic design for their books. I would use my skills as a designer to create the covers for books. I would ultimately like to learn all of the inner workings it takes to create a successful and active publishing house.  The perfect internship would be for me to learn about all the different parts that it takes to run the publishing house, especially for the various imprints that they manage as well as making connections with other people working within this publishing company.

2. HarperCollins Publishers

195 Broadway
New York, NY 10007

This is another big publishing house that also has a long history. They have published many different books ranging from many different genres. As far as internships go, they have a web design group that makes you use all of the skills in basic coding and the Adobe products (Photoshop, etc…). It’s categorized as a digital design manager. However, once again, a perfect internship would be for me to learn a wide variety of things that it would take to run a publishing house.

3. Macmillan Publishers
175 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Here is one of another big publishing houses in New York. It also has a long history of publishing many books, magazines and digital products for consumers and educational markets alike. I like that they have many different genres and many different imprints that specialize different publications. The skills that I would use would be for building websites as a designer or designing graphics for covers and pages within books. For the internship, the ideal situation would be for me to learn all that I can about the publishing world. It would help to learn the different tricks and tips necessary to go about running a publishing house.

4. Perseus Books Group (Headquarters)

250 West 57th Street, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10107
(212) 340-8100

This publishing company also has some reputation in the publishing business. They have a total of 12 imprints and they work within a variety of genres. At the moment it doesn’t have much information about internships or jobs, but if they do, then I would want to be a digital media manager, or someone who works/learns under a cover/web designer. The ideal internship would be for me to learn more about the industry and the other tips and tricks in running a publishing company.

5. Hachette Book Group

237 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

This is another publishing company that has a long history in the business. They have taken hold of many imprints and has published many books from many well known authors. They also have many different publishing distributers. For this job, the position that I would take would be within the Art/Design or the Art Designer, which would involve more in depth knowledge in photoshop, illustrator and InDesign. The ideal situation for a internship would be for me to learn all of the different parts involved in running a publishing company.

6. DK Publishing

345 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10014
Tel: (800) 788-6262

Here is another publishing company that has been around for years. They have created many publications of trade books, children’s books and others. They are a part of the Penguin Random House, and goes under many imprints with that company. For a position at this company I would need more skills with electronic media, since they also have a line of ebooks, therefore having the skills of integrating media with books would benefit me. For the ideal internship I would like to learn what goes in and out of a publishing house, working under a established member of this company would help me learn more of the skills necessary when running a publishing company.

7. Random House, Inc. (Headquarters)

1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 782-9000

This publishing house has been around for many years. Publishing many different genres from different locations in the world. They’ve published paperbacks, hardcovers, ebooks in many different titles. To attain a position here I would need to increase the level in my web design skills, and my graphic design skills. The perfect scenario for an internship would for me to shadow a professional designer/publisher/editor and learn some or all of the skills necessary to decisively run my own publishing house.


Eleven Day Hiatus

At first I was unsure about the route to take with this challenge, but I then took it upon myself to write using the 750 words a day. When I started I just wrote about what I did throughout the day, then naturally anything that was on my mind, which was progressively tons of cluttered and spontaneous thoughts. At the end of the first day I realized that I had too much unnecessary thoughts in my mind. After about two or three days I realized that this 750 words a day challenge became a sort of cathartic experience and I began to think a little more clearly.

After liberating all of my mental clogs I came to a semi-conclusion for my final project. As a designer I wanted to create some programs, which can possibly be a path. But not just a website or something so basic, I want to create a computer game either a point and click or a 2D side scroller. (Being the first step…I would then want to move more towards consoles.) I have stories, I can design/draw some characters, but all I need is to put them together. If I can, then I could get a head start into learning and using some more programming languages. Either way, creating something like this could be a possible direction for my final project.

Spot the difference!!—Portfolio Edition—

To start off I chose two portfolios of different degrees. One is the student –Travis Janicek (2014 Bachelor Graduate) and one professional Web Designer (Marc Thomas). Right off there are some similarities and differences between the two portfolios.

Within the design of the two portfolios they both display a signature logo, which is unique to their branding. As well as a structured banner to introduce themselves.

They also make use of a navigation bar which highlights an about, work or samples of work and a contact page. However, for the student portfolio the links in the navigation auto-scroll down one long page, while the professional portfolio keeps the links within different pages.

When displaying their completed work the student just provides the image with a title, however for the professional, his work has not only a picture followed by a title but also a brief description about the project that he worked on or created.

Another difference is within their contacts. The student provides the visitor with an email, phone number, résumé and a LinkedIn. However, with the professional portfolio, the contacts also contains a email but also makes use of social media such as Twitter and also Skype. Furthermore, within the footer of any page there are multiple links to other media such as tumblr and Instagram.


After comparing the two portfolios I have come to the beginning idea of what I should include in my portfolio.


  • About, Work, Contact, Résumé


  • Must have completed and active websites, graphics, and include brief information about my process.


  • Would like to have a sleek, mildly colorful, but simple website with interactive links and a logo at the top left…etc…

Social Media

  • Without a doubt being in the media, most likely requires you to have a social media account. I would put copy of my media to hopefully increase its traffic. Since I already have a YouTube account I would just need to refine the videos I have worked on and possibly add some more web design videos.


Venturing through the Enigmatic Frontier

For my portfolio I think that I would like to include one or multiple screenshots of some of the previous projects that I have worked on. I also have some projects that I will complete at the end of this Fall 2014 semester, and I will be glad to add some of my current pieces to my portfolio.

Here is one of my designs:

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 8.41.29 PM

This is my final project from Web Design I that I completed in Spring 14, the assignment required for you to make a website for a visual artist. I created this website with code from scratch. To create this I first designed a wireframe and sitemap sketch which I then fleshed out with information to create the final results.


For me, I believe that the web portfolio by Marc Thomas is a very informative and compelling portfolio. It has a very sleek/neat design and makes it easy for a potential employer to navigate. While having a good design, it also shows the whimsical and calm nature of the designer, which also adds to the appeal. He also use of hyperlinks to branch out and makes it easier for the viewer to follow other interests. He also included a footer with links to his other pages, as well as links to multiple social media outlets.