Final Post!!!!

i have not been given permission to take final project as of yet.I plan to register for Final project Fall 2015. I know that I would like to do a podcast. My podcast would be released every two weeks starting in May 2015.  The podcast Is going to be somewhat of a morning show.The podcast I have in mind is going to have like a morning show feel to it. But you can tune into us at anytime. It is going to be about an hour to an hour and a half show. It would be either released every other Monday or every other Friday on Sound cloud and other different podcast services. We would talk about our daily lives, past experiences, relationship issues, and other different topics. Yovanni is the host and I am the co-host I would be in charge of the interviewing and getting the talent up to the radio show.

As for my resume,I have it completed but it hasn’t been approved by Daniel Phelps.That I will do ASAP.I do have about six internships that i would like to intern for.My online portfolio is up and running but i need to add a lot of my work that i think is worthy to be showcased put on it. So, far i have added my sound cloud and my youtube page to my online portfolio.

But there is a lot that needs to be done and perfected.And I will get this perfected over my winter break and so forth foward.


I feel I need a lot of help with achieving my four goals. My online portfoilo, resume, & final project. I did ask a classmate for help with my resume but I feel more help is needed.( I need work to add on).

I need an online presence but I’m not understanding what to put on my online website. I want to add on my social mediums as well.

I have ideas of where I want to intern at but need my resume fone and approved by Daniel P.

For my final project I wanted to do a potrait documentary but I might be taking a new turn and I’m wanting to create a podcast with another classmate.

I just need help or advice on how to tighten or bring these four  goals together to make it work.

Meme Fridays



This was my Meme friday gif.I thought it was really fun and creative to do.And to see the different pictures i made into a motion gif is pretty interesting as well.The only issue i have is getting the gif to automatically move on its own.In order for you to see the motion of the gif you have to click on the image above.

Documentary on the work in Motion


In my portfolio, I hope to have a few documentaries.I had a documentary that was in the making but was not finished due to the lack of attendance of the person I was filming.Next, semester when entering into Portrait documentary.I hope to complete a well organized and great documentary for my portfolio.

Here is a little snippet  Yaisuri’s Voice Script of a(n) incomplete voice cut i was not able to complete. It needs a lot of work which I’m aware of but it’s just a rough cut along the path I’m trying to continue on.

I found  A.L. Crego‘s Still & Motion & Trevor Carmick‘s Beer labels in motion work to be very compelling,creative,and refreshing. I like that their backgrounds were things in everyday life while the forefront did 3D animation movements that can’t be done unless a person manually or actually do it. I hope to add something of this work to my portfolio.