Final Project- I have not been approved for Final Project because I’m planning on taking it in Summer 2015. Alicia and I have been working on our final project proposal which is an animation based on a teenage girl who have a hard time juggling school and taking care of her mom who is battling cancer. Because an animation is a lot of work, we will try to start creating this animation during the Winter break so we can have a head start on this big task.

Internship- I’ve honestly not looked at any internships but I do know a friend who works for BronxNet Cable Television and she said she’ll ask around for me. My goal is to definitely get an internship before Fall 2015. Daniel is actually reviewing my resume one last time because I need to make some changes, so it hasn’t been approved as yet.

Online Portfolio- Honestly, I haven’t spent as much time on my portfolio this semester because I started to focus mostly on creating projects to add to it. I wish I saved all my previous works from my other classes. I definitely want a proper website up and running with projects during Spring 2015.

Internship Please?!

  1. Cablevision: This is a company which provides college students with unpaid internships. They will be able to work with a news channel and help with things such as gathering information for the news, working with handling remote lighting, audio, videotaping, etc. I think this would be a great internship because I will have hands on experience with a little bit of everything in my major. I will become more skilled and learn a lot more. This company is located in the NY/Yonkers area.
  2. 709 Van Siclen Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY
    This internship focuses mostly on video editing. This company will help expand my knowledge about editing and I will be able to learn a lot. There are lots of things that I still need to work on and I think this internship will help. I will be more skilled in the editing department.
    3. The Whistle

    25 Broadway
    New York, NY
    This is a part time, unpaid internship. It’s a Spring internship. Again, this internship mostly focuses on editing. It will enhance my knowledge of editing with programs such as the Final Cut Pro and Avid.
    4. Auritt Communications Group

    555 8th Avenue, Suite 709
    Midtown, NY
    This internship is available all year round. It’s unpaid. This internship produces live TV and radio interviews. They seem very strict on deadlines and the way their employees are dressed. Along with learning about editing, etc, I will also get a look at the real world after college.
    5. IMI Productions

    211 East 43rd Street
    New York, NY
    This is an all year round, unpaid internship. This company focuses on TV productions as well as editing. They are known to produce major music videos, red carpet events, etc. I think this will be a great internship because I will learn a lot from this company. They have great benefits in terms of teaching their interns to be the best and this will be amazing and helpful to me
    6. Allegory Productions

    12 Desbrosses Street
    New York, NY
    This is an all year round, unpaid internship. They are looking for serious, “hungry” interns who will benefit a lot from this company. They help in TV Productions with lighting, editing and much more!
    7. Record Label within Universal Music Group

    1755 Broadway
    New York, NY

    This is be the best internship. It’s an all year round, unpaid internship. I think this internship will contribute a little to each part of what a TV production student should be able to do. By having this internship, I will learn a lot more and become a better person in my field.

Serious Crunch Time!!

I can’t believe that this semester is about to come to an end soon. Before you know it, we will be taking finals and registering for next semester. BUT, before all of that, we still have the remainder of the weeks in this semester to get our work done. We must fulfill our goals of this class which is to complete our resume, work on building our online portfolios, and getting our proposal for our final project. So for this remainder of the weeks, I would like to fulfill my goals.

10/24: By this date, I’m hoping to have a well organized and detailed resume which would fulfill all of the requirements of a great resume. I’m not expecting it to be 100% good, but at least 80%. – My television production part of my resume definitely needs work. So I’m planning on really focusing on that part of my resume and build it to be appropriate.

11/7: By this date, I want my online portfolio to be up with a few of my works. I will continue to work of more projects so that my resume and portfolio will have something to show and show what I am capable of doing.

11/21: While continuing to think of my final project, I will start to draft my ideas of my final project and write about my steps to accomplishing my final project idea.

12/5: I will continue to work on my final project proposal, editing anything that needs to be fixed (adding or deleting.) Hopefully everything is good to go.

12/9: FINAL EXAM– By this date, I hope my goals will be finally accomplished to the best of my ability. I’m sure I will have some last minute things to fix, but hopefully everything is excellent so that I will have a successful future ahead of me with these goals accomplished.

Seven Day Challenge

For my seven day challenge I decided to do the 750 words challenge. At first I was debating whether or not to do this, or to just make some animated GIFs. However, I thought that maybe it would be good for me to try the 750 words website. I’m not going to lie. This 750 word challenge was kind of difficult. There were times when I was completely just blank. I didn’t know what to type and what I really wanted to talk about. My first two days I kind of struggle, it was as though my brain was just blank. Eventually I found myself just pouring myself into the posts. I just completely vented some days. It felt good because I didn’t realize how much emotions I had built up inside of me. I found that I felt amazing once my thoughts were written down. I have to admit, I enjoyed this assignment because it helped me get myself together in a way. Because I would find myself waking up in a bad mood sometimes and I would carry out that feeling throughout the day. I’ll probably continue this 750 words day challenge because it’s very helpful.

Deeper Look into Online Portfolios!

I have to admit, finding a student’s online portfolio isn’t the easiest thing in the world, however, i eventually stumbled across the portfolio of Kevin Cianek. Kevin’s portfolio was incredible! He has done so much things regarding media, I was truly impressed. It seems as though he started his portfolio back in 2013 and has been continually updating it as time progressed.

Last week, I talked about Jeremy Cowart’s portfolio, who was a professional photographer. However, even though Jeremy and Kevin both has produced really great portfolios, they both differ in many ways. Both portfolios include the usual things that I believe each portfolio should include such as an about me, home and a contact page. While Kevin’s contact is mostly just three different emails, Jeremy’s contact is more social. Jeremy included a facebook link, instagram, youtube and much more. Kevin has different social media as well, but he doesn’t seem to advertise it as much as Jeremy did.  Kevin’s portfolio consisted of more links such as Demo ReelsGraphics, Video Production, Voiceovers, as well as his Work History, which included his resume. Each one of his link included varies different projects that he has worked on. Whereas, Jeremy’s portfolio is more simple, yet contains many pieces of his professional work.

In my online portfolio, I would like to put all of my great pieces of work up just like Kevin and Jeremy did. This shows how skilled and passionate you are about your career choice. I would definately include a home page introducing what my main purpose and study is and I would include an ‘about me’ page. I would most likely put an email up as a ‘contact’ page, however, I’m not too sure about facebook and twitter. I would put things that are more professional. In terms of artifacts, these things would include videos, pictures, etc. anything that would be great visual for my audience but also focus on my main career goal, television production. Basically, I would want my portfolio to be simple, yet very informational and show people how passionate I am about working in television production.

Senior Year, Here We Go!

One of the many things that we will be learning this semester in this class is how to create a proper portfolio. I believe that a good portfolio should include things such as projects that you have worked on throughout the years as a Communications Technology major. Your portfolio should have projects that you have worked really hard on which shows off your amazing skills that you have learned. These projects shouldn’t be something that you wouldn’t show at an interview, however, they should be things such as well written blogs, websites that you have created, or even any audio pieces that included things such as editing.

I came across an online portfolio created by a famous photographer named Jeremy Cowart. I really liked his portfolio because it was included within his personal website. His portfolio included many different pictures of different celebrities that he took himself. His portfolio shows off his amazing skills in photography. Aside from celebrities, he also took photos for many different famous magazines. His portfolio is very eye capturing and shows how talented and passionate he is with what he does.