About starlord23

I am a student at York College, I major in Communications Technology and Journalism. I love operating video cameras and learning how to broadcast as a radio engineer. Besides my love for media studies I enjoy going to the movies, reading comic books and fantasy novels, playing video games, and collecting retro stuff.

Ironman is in Mega Trouble



I decided to create this photoshop image because this idea came to me in a dream one night. Everybody knows that Iron Man is one the best robots ever made, but what happens when another robot who can be way more powerful than him gives a fight that he will remember, how will Ironman a.k.a Mr. Tony Stark react. Any thoughts ?

Ken Masters vs Logan a.k.a Wolverine



I had fun making this photoshop picture about one of my favorite video games of all time Marvel vs Capcom 2 New age of Hero’s. I decided to take two of my favorite playable characters Wolverine and Ken and let them go head to head on my class room table since I don’t have my Playstation 2 anymore.

There’s a spider on my hand


I am huge Spider-man fan ever since I was a little kid. When I was in elementary school, every day I would come home from school and watch spider-man on Fox 5 in the evenings before I did my homework. After being bit by a radio active spider, spider-man who’s real name is Peter Parker was given super human strength, speed, agility, stamina, a healing factor, fast reflexes, a unique spider sense that alerts him when danger’s ahead, the ability to climb up walls, and he is able to swing from building to building with his web cartage’s that he himself has made. He first appeared in Amazing Fantasy comics issue number 15 in August 1962. He was created by the likes of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and ever since spider-man swung into comics back in the early 60’s, he has become a global phenomenon, from comic books, cartoon shows, toys, costumes, clothes, household appliances, video games, and movies for over 52 years and he continues to become one of the worlds most favorite super hero’s for decades to come.

I’m so Doomed



I went to Universal studios in Orlando, Florida and I took a picture with Marvel’s villain from the Fantastic 4 series Victor Von Doom better know as Dr. Doom. Who is one made his appearance in the second issue of The Fantastic 4 in 1962. This intelligent master mind happens to be Marvel’s creator Stan Lee’s favorite villain form any Marvel comic book series.

Mr. Hansen

Jayse Hansen is a freelance designer working from Las Vegas, NV at times for film and television. He has worked with clients ranging from Symantec, MTV and Fox to Northrop Grumman and the US Department of Defense. On his website it shows the work that he has done for major block buster movies such as the Avengers. If you go to his page and click on his about page there is a link that show all of the interviews he has done. he even leaves an email number and contact information on his website. He also says that he’s available for freelance, usually remotely from my office in Vegas. He also has a Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Vimeo, Linked in, and Pinterest accounts for people to view his work.

Toy Photographer

I have came across a toy photographer name Mike Stimpson who has website of all the photos he has taken of toys. His website shows photos he has taken with Lego figures and blocks based off of movies, music, and historical events. I find his work to be interesting and unique. His work has been published in national newspapers in the UK, seen on BBC television, and featured in many magazines all over the world with subjects as diverse as German political culture and Brazilian business news. I find his website and portfolio of pictures to be very interesting to look at.

What If ?

What if you saw Bob Marley and Tupac together give a free concert in a subway station, would you walk past or would you stop and listen to what they had to say in their lyrics ? What would you do  and why ?

What if you saw Bob Marley and Tupac together give a free concert in a subway station, would you walk past or would you stop and listen to what they had to say in their lyrics ? What would you do and why ?