About starlord23

I am a student at York College, I major in Communications Technology and Journalism. I love operating video cameras and learning how to broadcast as a radio engineer. Besides my love for media studies I enjoy going to the movies, reading comic books and fantasy novels, playing video games, and collecting retro stuff.

Marlon’s Final Thoughts

It has been a great experience this semester. I learned how to use photoshop and protools a lot more this semester. I was able to use tumblr to help me build up My Portfolio. I am excited with the work that I have put together. The portfolio that I had put together shows some of creations and pictures that I have post based of my love for video games and comic books.

I am also excited about the internship that I have landed for next semester. The name of the company is called New Face Media Productions, where I will be learning how to be a camera operator, editor, and a sound engineer.

Final Project and advice

Final Project

My final project I did a video interview of a well known animator who has worked on television shows, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Daria, Kids Next Door, Ultimate Spider-man, etc.

My Internship

I have found a non-profit internship called New Face Media Productions that does on call projects in filming, broadcasting, podcast, repotting, and editing. When not, on call the interns will, be learning hands on work learning how to use softwares such final cut pro, adobe effects, photoshop, etc. Also I will be learning basic camera operating skills, and how to load feeds and tapes onto a mac’s computer.

My Resume

My resume is almost complete I just have to add some of the latest projects that I have done this year onto my resume.

My portfolio

I have all the projects that I want to put on my portfolio, my only struggle is that I don’t know which direction to go interms of starting a portfolio site with a url and designing a home page so I need some advice on how to do that.

Marlon’s status

Final Project:

For my final project I was thinking about doing a series of gif because it’s a form of animation that I would still like to learn that I need improvement on. My second idea is to do a short interview of somebody who once or is currently an animator since I am fascinated with different stages of animation.

* As for my portfolio it is almost complete, and I am still doing numerous project that I would like to add to that portfolio.

* I did secure an internship for the next semester for an independent company called New Face Media Productions. They are open seven day a week and they do numerous projects  for events throughout the city. Whenever they are not filming at an event, we will be in their office learning camera techniques, how to edit with the latest software from final cut pro, adobe effects, etc, we will also learn how to develop quick photoshop skills as well.

The 11 day challenge post

I really did enjoy doing this challenge. I was able to show people some of the work that I have done that pretty much shows what I like to do and what my interest are. I would give myself a C however because I felt like I could do more. What I going to work on is learning how to do a simple animation to help make my portfolio stand out more. With the kind of things that I like I should be able to apply a little bit of animation to my work.

The first Robot I fell in love with

photo 1


This is one of my favorite action figures and TV shows I watched when I was a kid. Megaman. This toy is a future antic. Megaman was one awesome robot. He always found a way to take down is nemesis Dr. Wiley and his brother prodoman. If any other robot tries to attack meganman all megaman has to do is simply touch you and he has your powers to take you down.

Never under estimate the ones without super powers



Even though Thor is my favorite Avenger, I must say agent Clint Burton a.k.a Hawkeye was an exciting character to watch in the movie The Avengers. He uses his archery skills to help The Avengers fight crime. He is one character I enjoy watching who uses his unique style of bows to take down his foes. He has a big help in taking down Loki who was the main culprit in the Avengers movie. People under estimate Hawkeye because he has no super powers, but if it’s one you should about Hawkeye is that he doesn’t miss when he is aiming a bow at you and you never know what kind of bow he is going to attack you with. Once he aims and fires you have already lost.

The Bat that was Broken



Does this comic book remind you of a particular scene from one of the Batman movies. This comic book issue number 497 is when one of Batman’s foe’s Bane broke Batman’s back leaving him paralyzed for months. This particular comic book was briefly explained in the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” directed by Christopher Nolan. While Batman was defeated by Bane, he was unable to fight crime for a while as Bane made his mark as the new crime boss of Gotham city. The Gotham city police force was no match for Bane and his gang. All they had to was wait and hope that Batman quickly gets better while the city of Gotham was under a new world order of crime. This comic is not for sale sorry.

The Comic Book that Started it All



This is the first issue of The Walking Dead. I was able to buy this copy for only ten dollars. It is the 10 anniversary edition. This comic book is so special to me because it’s the reason why I started watching The Walking Dead on AMC. When I watched the first episode of The Walking Dead on TV I liked the fact that show followed most of the first comic book issue and from then on I was a fan of the show. I can’t wait for season 5 to start in October. I wonder what’s going to happen to everyone. Only time will tell.

Team Night Wing




I still remember as a kid when I came home from school and witnessed the most heart breaking moment on T.V. when Dick Grayson a.k.a Robin told Batman that he was no longer going to work with him, and from that day Night Wing was born. However he did return to help Batman, Barbra Gordon a.k.a Batgirl and Tim Drake who replaced Dick as the new Robin. When Dick Grayson became Night Wing he proved to Batman and fans that he can take on and take down major crime bosses and clean up the streets of Gotham and other cities without any help. In fact while he was still Robin he formed a group known as the Teen Titians without the help from Batman. Dick Grayson will be always be know as the first ever Robin but comic books fans will also know him as Night Wing.