Final Post

Final Project-

I did not receive permission to take the course yet. I am going to register for Final project in fall 2015. What I want to make is a music video with my friend Aaron who I did my documentary on in CT 210. He told me he and his friend made a new song together and want to do a video shoot for it. I naturally agreed to do this and if I finish this sooner that I take the class I will ask them if they have any other videos they would like to do. Well the music is already taken care of because my friend is a beat maker and no actors are necessary. I would use a park nearby my house to get night shots done because the theme of the video is dark so it would work for me. there would be a couple of his friends who would be around but as for their role I am not sure about that. I would need to use an on camera light with the recording. I hope to get some of it done during the break by checking out equipment from school


As for my internship process, I have had my resume reviewed by Dan but it was not approved. I am going to register for internship during the summer and search for internships during the spring semester.once I have it approved.I do not have a cover email yet. I do however include my website at the top of the page with my information.


For my portfolio I have been fixing it up since the days of ct 101. I have added my contact information only my email so far. As for any other contact I put twitter and YouTube as a way of connecting my work and my social profile. I added a list of tabs and about me, contact me, photos and videos. The photos tab has photos from a sorority event where Kevin and I were the Photographers. My real is on my website not because I don’t want a different name but because I am the one creating the content I have and I want to be known by who I am not by a stage name.The link below is to my website.


What I really need to do

Unfortunately I have not had the chance to speak to the CT 101 students yet. However, my advice is hat the work may be hard, but being consistent with work keeps your focus. taking large breaks creates laziness and this is something I know too well. Small breaks and using the procrastination to your advantage use something to motivate your creativity.I would also tell them to work on a resume and keep adding to it because when I started the program nothing was really stressed about it until the beginning of this semester. I would tell them to keep their 101 website because the posts they have show their progress from the beginning. For my resume Dan looked at it and told me to work on it more because the format was not the same as the samples. the internships I have looked at are Television and editing based but I would like to learn as much as I can even if it is radio or web integrated with it. My final project I went on a video shoot with the person I want to do a music video on. I listened to the song and know the feel of the scenery that I can use for it. It would be darker theme since the person rapping would talk about the demons that he and everyone faces in everyday life.

As far as anything I think Michael could help me with I would need his help with my website that I have had since CT 101. I have changed it from what it used to be but I need it to be more professional still. I am currently still adding my work from classes to the site.

My Plan?

When listening to what Dan was saying about our lives outside of the classroom. It really got me thinking about what kind of work I had done from school assignments and that they were enough. I honestly do not know what I want to do but a definite first step to getting any kind of job out in he field would be to work on my resume a lot more as I believe it can be a lot better than it is now.

Another bit of work that can be fixed is the website I created in the DS106 class with Mike that I had kept and am thinking about revamping it to be more professional which I have started slowly fixing it to be more like that.

Next I would work on the proposal for the final Project I want to work on since it would be something that has to be within my ability to do. Something that would challenge me but would no overwhelm at the same time.

Hopefully by the time the course is over I can have everything my portfolio together, my Resume in order and a final project ready to be pitched

Places I would like to work/intern at

When we had to list out places we would like to do our internship at it was a tough choice. This is an internship that we should find interesting to us as well as want to expand our minds to learning something new within our field and in the entire industry.I only managed to find 8 out of 10 so far and am hopeful to find more and fill in the rest of this post.

1)    NYC Media Internship
1 Centre St

New York, NY

(212) 669-7400
This Media Station stands out to me because not only do they have television programs but radio is also a part of their programming. A bonus is that it is a part of the mayors office media and entertainment that educates everyone I believe this would be a great place to learn from because it also has an online network which allows its interns to get a feel for all three areas in one setting.
2)     Allegory Productions

       12 Desbrosses Street
       New York, NY

While researching I came across this Production company that does the kind of productions I would like to do. Not only do they require the skills of handling DSLR cameras but they want you to comfortably talk to businesses which is a very important part of doing any kind of work being able to speak to clients/businesses without being hesitant. Including the video production involved Lighting and sound would be just as involved making it more worthwhile  because sound and lighting are important factors.

3)  Kalliste Organics Inc.

    10 Cedar St.
     Dobbs Ferry, NY
At a first look when researching this internship listing was different from the other ones listed above. This retail group sells house products such as soap, creams and other types of care products and are looking to hire for the Video Production Assistant Internship. I think this is different in a good way because it would give more creative control to the production assistant who is in charge of their advertisement giving a small step into the type of work one might possibly do in the future.
4)    The Actors Theatre Workshop

        Manhattan, NY
This is a non-profit theatre education program where interns recieve hands-on management training. what is even better about this is if the intern has any skill with video production they can assist in their video production.
5)    DvDepot

       251 West 39th Street, 7th Floor
       New York, NY

This next place is a Equipment loaning shop. This is similar to what I do as a college assistant for the CT Lab by loaning out equipment. This would be a very beneficial internship because there would be a lot of video equipment to handle and learn about giving a great exposure and using it will be a challenge but will be worthwhile when using the actual equipment and maintaining i properly.

6)     cinematic music group

        West 38th and 9th
        Manhattan, NY
This group is a little more diverse than others posted above because they also have music involved with their group. It says in their ad that they are not one of those places who makes you get coffee and do things that do not benefit you. They need help running their company and gain valuable hands on experience.This is different to hear since other places have you work your way up I guess they would test your level of knowledge and see how you can help out best which sounds like a good place to start.

super sprowtz
Nassau Ave
Brooklyn, NY
This company promotes nutrition education for children and help them know all about wellness and nutrition. This is a positive message to send out and I would easily want to help that cause because I can relate to this because if I had the knowledge earlier in my life, I could have been healthier than I am now. What stands out the most from the necessities is that the use of the green screen is needed which is exciting since I have never worked with one and will soon.

New York, NY
Everyone Knows about Disney and their impact on the media Industry. It makes sense to want to work alongside with them and gain valuable experience with them. The issues I would have with getting an internship with them is my fluency in another language and my cumulative GPA. My major GPA is 3.0 but the overall is lower than that which makes it more difficult to be in that position with them.

11 day challenge

When it came to the eleven day challenge it was difficult at first I had intended to make a couple of animated gifs but I decided to go with the 750 words a day but there were times when I couldn’t even think of what to write. I am sure that it was difficult to do the assignments at first for everyone not just me. I would even write about the stuff that had happened to me in that day earlier and the ideas kept flowing until it just ran out sometimes under 750 words. It may be the straight forward choice but I thought that this challenge would help me with my other assignments too and it kind of did in a way.

Professional portfolio.. Just about there.

When trying to find a student portfolio its was very difficult, since they might not want to have their work seen. I came across a few people who had portfolios but had not even worked on them since 2008 or were no longer students. But I managed to find someone who I thought had interesting work that he does with animation and video as he combines them. Simon Kendov is a undergrad student in Providence, Rhode Island. I actually found his official website through the Rhode Island school of design’s portfolio page and thought his was interesting. His page is very organized and speaks well about his work. on his other school provided site he has links to his social media which will help people who seek his services are able to contact him.

Last week I had talked about the group Derrick comedy’s i found their tumblr page online. However it was different because it was not as professional as Simon’s is most likely because the group is already established. In addition to that it is a social media blog that is filled with more than just their own work so it is not as organized.

Simon’s official website

Simon other portfolio

Derrick Comedy

I would want to have the about me on a horizontal bar that has a link to the about me section and my contact information on it as well as my resume.

When it comes to the content I would put in my own online portfolio I would want to make it more professional and not have the sidebar be there I would want something similar to Simon’s page where it was cleaned up and had a good display of categories of which he did project in.

The artifacts I would want to have is perhaps a screen shot of what I do in one of the programs I use and explaining how I got to that point into the editing.

As far as social media goes I would have need to find a way to connect my twitter, facebook, tumblr and youtube since those are my main social media websites that i use. I doubt there would be anyway to do anything these days without social media unless you are used to not doing it.



The beginnings shape your future

As far as what should be in a portfolio there should anything that an individual believes should be displayed. I have learned a lot from my classes and work that I have done whether it is good or bad. Not every piece of work that has been created is guaranteed to be good or even great but if you did a comparison from then to now anyone would notice great deal of change. When I took DS106 we all had to sign up for a website and since then I have kept it and i hope to redesign it to show the work that I have. 

Last semester I interviewed my friend Satish on the topic of portrait of a person unfortunately the project was rushed because I had not been able to find anyone who could help me with the assignment and he took some time to help me.

When it comes to a web presence I thought the group of Derrick Comedy was one to really stand out. The group consisted of DC Pierson, Dominic Dierkes and Donald Glover who is better known as Childish Gambino. They originally formed in NYU and started out on YouTube just like anyone else and had blown up all over the internet with their comedy. They also have a tumblr which has memes and gifs of their previous videos. They also post about what goes on in their lives