Time’s Up…Clock out…Congrats

  1. Final Project Proposal
    1. Yes I given the permission to register for the final project class. I’m currently not enrolled due to delay of class submission allowance. In other words… PROFESSOR SMITH PLEASE HURRY!!
    2. My final project will be an brief animation. It’s a collaborative project of me and another fellow colleague Vidya. The animation will be composed and created on Adobe Flash. Before we can get to the actual animation all details of the animation will be designed, drawn, and created by hand. It would be drawn frame by frame. All audio will be included and may consist of foley-stage created music, sound effect downloads, or verbal sounds.
    3. The assets I have are of course campus available software and equipment. Scripts are created by Vidya and I. Everything including characters, backgrounds will be created or based on real life objects, areas, or designs. Music/ soundtrack will be provided by online sources.
    4. We have planned out a time schedule for completing the project. Most of the frame by frame drawing will take place during the month of January. Background/scenes/characters/extended dialogue script will also be completed during January.
  2. Internship Plan
    1. I haven’t gotten an internship in place as yet. I plan to take the internship during the summer of 2015. That’s when I plan to register.
    2. My resume, glad to say is UP AND READY TO GO. Finally got it completed with much deliberated correction provided by Daniel Phelps. Dotted my I’s and crossed my T’s.
  3. Portfolio – . My Portfolio Website.

Asking For Help

The semester is almost over and I do have some questions regarding the three things that were concentrated throughout the semester. To start things off there’s my resume

For my resume, I wanted to know how to restructure it in the proper way. So far I’ve had personal help on formatting it. Of course I need more material to add onto it. But I believe it will get there. It must get there and should get there.

For my portfolio I want to know if I can create a portfolio using a portfolio template website. I’ve visited Wix and it has some interesting templates and structures that I could use to create my portfolio. I also need to add more productions to my portfolio. Most of my work is video or audio. Not much pictures or designs. But it would compose of media.

For my final project I believe I’ve gotten on track with it much faster than the other two aspects of this course. I’m collaborating with another colleague which is proving to be beneficial. My only question pertaining to the final project would be the proposal. How should it be structured.

Meme Friday Gif


For today we did GIF’S for Meme Friday. I think that’s what it’s called. For this assignment we first had to print out a portrait of someone who has some significance to us. For me I chose to use Ray Lewis. His portrait was serious so I chose to try and add some humor to his face. After printing out his portrait, I then went into the makers space and added some cut outs to put on top of the original picture. Some of these cut outs were from other portraits. Once I got the image I wanted I then had to scan the picture as a whole. After the scan was completed the picture was then opened in Photoshop and that’s where the true animation began. I had to place both pictures into Photoshop and then go onto the timeline and adjust the photos to show continuous flashing back between both the original photo and new cut out photo. I thought it was pretty simple and came out good. There’s much more that can be done with this animated GIF technique it’s very interesting.

GamePlan 101

The plan that I’ve come up with for the remainder of the semester is not very complicated, but yet it will pose to be somewhat difficult.

For 10/31

By this date I plan on having my resume up to par and presentable as I’ve learned from the recent weeks on how to make our resumes. This includes the format, a list of the productions I’ve done (if applicable) and everything else such as education.

For 11/7

I plan on starting my own side productions. I already have an idea in mind that I want to complete as soon as possible. During this time I hope to brainstorm on more ideas that I can do to add more stability to my resume. One of these tasks could include doing projects with other classmates who are included in a group that was recently pulled together. They plan on doing side projects and if I can I would become involved to help out and participate.

For 11/21

Same goes for these following weeks after 11/7. I plan to continue these objectives for the remainder of the semester but during this time I will also begin planning my final project. Technically I already have an idea of what I would like to do but its still in the creation phase.

For 12/5

By this date I should have a well rounded descriptive final project proposal. Hopefully I cover ever loop hole or loose end and it’s complete. Also I want to have my portfolio in place.


11 Day Challenge

The eleven day challenge was an interesting experience. In all honesty, I knew I wouldn’t get around to doing an activity for it each of the eleven days. Other things came in the way. But overall the 750 words a day really helped. It allowed me to really have time to brain storm on what my final project would be. I wouldn’t mind continuing it throughout the semester but its just that its difficult to meet the 750 word requirement after you become completely blank mentally. It allowed me to stretch my mind as far as what I want to do for the project.

Web: Pro’s vs. Average Joe’s

This week’s assignment instead of looking for a professional web portfolio, we were suppose to find a portfolio of a student. For me it wasnt that difficult to find a student. It was actually surprising to see the similarities between his web portfolio and the site that I used to have. In my opinion it was a well done portfolio. But let’s get down to the facts and analyze Frankly Doodle work. Yes that is his name, Franky Doodle.

First things first the design of the page itself, the visual effects were far more simpler than Nick Jones portfolio. Once you enter Nick’s page you can definitely notice the big difference. His site consists of different effects and organizations. One of his goals on his page was probably to achieve a special design for his portfolio. His index is well organized down the middle of the page. His contact information is within the index listings. The link feeds for the movies he has on his page take you directly to the additional pages he included. He also included social media links to Twitter and his personal email address.

Franky Doodle’s page design was very basic. It reminded me of the basic web page setup that you can have. His contact information is on the bottom of the page. One difference between his page and Nick’s page is that he provided a short Bio about himself right on the top of his page right below his title and introduction. His photos have an extra graphic that appears over the picture when you place your mouse over it. I thought this was pretty cool. It’s always good for added effect. He has two separate tabs for navigation to get to his art work and graphic design.

For my portfolio I would create a catch phrase that included my name. I’m not sure of what it would be exactly but that would be the overall idea behind it. The links that I would include on my site would be to work that I have done or example. I would include photo samples. The information would be based on where the sample came from or who created it. I would try to make my site as complex and creative as possible. I wouldn’t want anything simple or plain looking. For social media I would only include a YouTube account and definitely try to improve it. Adding more videos of the work that I’ve done would be good.

To Start Things Off

Personally, I think a portfolio should include valid work that has been done for the CT major. When I say valid I mean that it shouldn’t be work that wasn’t completed or work that is done incorrectly. A website that you’ve created should be apart of your portfolio. “Worldkreate”was my first website that was created. As of now it is expired due to cancelation of payments but its definitely a good example of something that should be put into a portfolio. Other things that could be included in the portfolio could be projects that were done. Editing, video, audio projects should be included.

One portfolio that I found very intriguing is one done by Nick Jones. His portfolio website was cool in my opinion. The way he designed it, is what first caught my attention. I thought it was clever and could be something to stretch your mind as for an idea of how to create websites.

The syllabus’s definition of how blog posts should be done for each level of blog post is something I agree with. I recently did this format for blog posts and it was manageable.