The All in All

The end of the semester is here and half of the academic year is over.

For Final Project:

a) My group (JCC & Myself) has been given permission to register for Final Project Spring ’15.

b) We are going to create portrayal of some of the skills and talents of Dr. Gregory H. Hopkins. Dr. Hopkins is a tenured Professor of Classical Voice at Howard University holding degrees from Temple University and Curtis Institute of Music, and he has served as an Artistic Director and Music Minister for over 20 years.  We will be crafting a website to showcase him along with shorter length videos of about 2-3 minutes long that would compliment the different content on the website rather than a single 10 minute documentary.

c) We currently have access to numerous articles of Dr. Hopkins that he himself have collected over the years along with pictures. We have access to Dr. Hopkins himself for any interviews, but clearance to access any recording of him performing has to be planned ahead and requested. We already have a domain name for the site and cameras, microphones etc. are available.

d) Our timeline is currently as is:

December 2014: Collection and study of given articles from Dr. Hopkins to determine the uses of these pieces.

January 2015 : Christmas break. Continue organizing documents, and planning dates to meet with Dr. Hopkins and for upcoming events that he has.


  • Video

To record one or two interviews of Dr.Hopkins, and footage of Dr. Hopkins in rehearsals and performance as he conducts the choir. We will also be collecting stills of Dr. Hopkins as he works with the choir. Collecting data and begin to building the website with stills, narratives and possible audio.

  • Web

Start the wireframing process for the websites layout. Begin to sketch out content layout.

  • Site name
  • Drafting navigation menu
  • Amount of pages
  • Color scheme
  • Overall user experience


  • Video

Compiling footage to create the best narrative from what we have recorded into a 5 – 10 minute documentary. This will be inclusive of recorded and interview and B-Roll footage. Continuing to build website.

  • Web

Finalization of site layout and any additional customizations needed to enhance the user experience.

  • Link social media
  • Organize interview(s) and pictures according to page content
  • Begin to edit and transcribe all videos
  • Enhance picture quality of photos if necessary and format for all device users


  • Video / Web

Applying finishes to both the website and documentary with any retakes if necessary.

We intend to wrap up by May 8th, 2015.


a) I do not have an internship in place as yet, but I do plan on doing one during Summer 2015.

b) I have my resume ready to go in several formats, with a large master resume and then smaller downsized resumes for different companies e.g an audio project edited resume for radio stations, and a video projects resume for a company such as Viacom.


I think I kind of struggled in this area the most out of all. Not in terms of having the content and describing work or organizing it, but just my vision of how I would like to layout items. My resume is a part of my About Me page. Although I have my contact information up, I am still struggling a bit with the social media links.

The Top 10 Spots in Media City

Out of the many many media companies in New York City, the following 10 companies are top companies that I would prefer to intern/work at:

1.NBCUniversal                                                                                                                           GE Building 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York, NY                                                                   Telephone: 212-664-4444

Alexis Capra – Director, Human Resources – NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal is a merger between Vivendi Universal Entertainment. However NBC the broadcast company is what I’m more interested. NBC is the oldest broadcast network in the U.S. and started in radio and has been involved in radio for about 88 years and about 75 years in television so they have lots of experience and certainly helped shaped the broadcast industry. NBC is headquartered in New York City with many owned and affiliated stations in the United States. I would like to work for NBC because of the diversity of production jobs they offer, With a large company like NBC I am not sure exactly what I would like to do but right now live-directing interests me and some producing.

2. Discovery Communications Inc.                                                                                    Silver Spring, Maryland
Telephone: 240-662-2000

Adria Alpert Romm – Chief Human Resources & Global Diversity Officer

Jessica Loftus – Recruitment Specialist at Discovery Communications

Discovery Communications began as The Discovery Channel in 1985, and throughout the 1990s they acquired and developed new channels. They operate 14 channels which they either partially or fully own. Even though the company is headquartered in Maryland, they provide good internships here in New York. The TV Development internship requires good creativity, along with research and development, which I hope could lead to further opportunities after the internship is completed. I would be open to most opportunities even if they were located outside of New York.

3. Time Warner Inc.                                                                                                             One Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle
New York, NY                                                                                                           Telephone: 212-484-8000

Karen Magee – Chief Human Resources Officer

Amy Chan – Sr. Coordinator, Human Resources at Time Warner Inc.

Time Warner originally started as Time Magazine back in 1923 and over many decades bought several media companies and sold some. The split with AOL and Time Warner Cable is the most the most recent for the company. Time Warner currently operates through three main companies being, HBO, Turner Broadcast Systems and Warner Brothers. Internships are available at all 3 companies through the College Associate Program. Time Warner would offer TV development and programming opportunities but I would  prefer to work in any of their live programming divisions.

4. iHeart Media, Inc.                                                                                                         HQ: San Antonio, Texas

iHeart Radio                                                                                                                       32 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013                                                                                                          Telephone: 212-377-7900

iHeart Media up to recently was known as Clear Channel Media. iHeart owns over 800 radio stations in the US which they have acquired by buying out many other stations and smaller companies. Radio in my opinion is very linked to their live events and news as well. They used to operate some television stations but they sold them off. iHeart also owns radio stations outside of the US. However owning so many stations in the U.S. enables iHeart to syndicate shows from one station say in New York to multiple markets that they choose. Working at any one of iHeart’s 6 radio stations in New York City could really open doors for anyone wanting to gain experience and find work in Radio. With their large network there is ample work available, not only in traditional broadcast, but also a lot of online and social media work is done. Writing for radio would not really be my interest, though I wouldn’t turn it down, I’m more interested in the technical workings of broadcast.

5. Emmis Communications                                                                                               One EMMIS Plaza
40 Monument Circle, Suite 700
Indianapolis, Indiana

Emmis – New York                                                                                                             Hot 97                                                                                                                              395 Hudson St. 7th Floor
New York, NY

Jeffrey Thacker: Director of Digital for HOT 97, Fax: 212-367-1655

Emmis Communications was very to similar to iHeart Media when it was Clear Channel in that the company also went about acquiring individual radio stations and smaller companies around the U.S. As it relates to New York City, Emmis only owns 4 radio stations including Hot 97 unlike iHeart Media which owns and operates 6 stations. Emmis has also sold much of TV stations as well, but still operates some magazines in the U.S. Emmis only operates 3 of the stations it owns here in NYC the other is operated by ESPN (Disney). I believe an internship with Emmis Communications, would be similar to iHeart in terms of opportunity to learn and gain experience, and possible employment after the internship. I also prefer the clearer outline for their internship requirements on Hot 97 and WBLS websites. WBLS really gives the widest explanation showing internships in areas from programming and production to marketing and promotion.

6. CBS                                                                                                                              51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY
Telephone: 212-975-4321

Anthony G. Ambrosio – Chief Human Resources Officer

CBS News: Katie Curcio – Director, Intern Program
524 West 57th Street, New York, NY

CBS is one of the “big 4” networks and the second largest network in the U.S. Like the other major networks CBS started broadcasting in radio and then ventured in television. CBS provides not only produces and broadcast for both radio and television, they also provide studio facilities that are used by non-CBS affiliated companies. CBS in my opinion would provide very similar opportunities to the other networks. Their corporate jobs page is a little harder to navigate and the CBS 2 job and internship page leads back to the corporate site.

7. Disney – ABC                                                                                                              WABC
7 Lincoln Square
New York, New York 10023
(212) 456-7777

Rebecca Ressy – Human Resources Manager at WABC-TV

ABC is the third oldest of the big 4 networks and similarly to CBS and NBC started broadcasting in radio then ventured into television. ABC in terms of operating history was originally known as the NBC blue company, which occurred after a federal (FCC) split of NBC into NBC red and blue. Red remained NBC, while blue was sold and eventually became ABC. While ABC has for years lagged behind NBC and CBS as networks, it really gained public popularity, through its acquisition of majority share of ESPN networks, before being bought out by The Walt Disney Company. Being bought out by Disney has allowed ABC more flexibility with its broadcast content, since it can easily share content with any of its sister networks with ESPN being the biggest sharer. I would like an internship very much at ABC although I understand the high level of competition. There is opportunity, whether it is with ABC local channel 7 which they post at certain times of the year on their website, or with ABC network through the Disney career site, which also offers internships with ESPN and Marvel. With ABC I would be more interested in their live broadcast productions.


WNYC 93.9 FM and AM 820

WNYC Radio
160 Varick St.
New York, NY

Tel: (646) 829-4000 / (646) 829-4400

Rachna Karrol – Vice President of Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness

NPR- National Public Radio is a radio network of about 900 radio stations nation-wide in the U.S. consisting of non-commercial and educational stations with at least 5 full time employees. Many NPR stations began as college and university radio stations and it was through the public broadcast act signed by President Johnson in 1967 that encouraged the need for a national radio service. NPR broadcasts 28 programs through its network and also broadcast on satellite through Sirius XM. Many of NPR’s stations have much slower broadcast than commercial radio such as 1010 WINS. I believe to intern with NPR would also provide good experience though not as fast paced as iHeart or Emmis stations.

9. Fox Five

Roselyn Barranda, M.S. – Human Resources Director
FOX Television Stations
205 East 67th Street
New York, NY 10065
Phone: 212-452-5700
Fax: 212-879-8092

Fox Broadcasting is the youngest network out of the big 4 and was started only in 1985. Fox is also the one of the big 4 to begin broadcasts in television and not radio. Although Fox Network is headquartered in Los Angeles New York is still its vital broadcast with Good Day New York and Fox News at 5pm.  For me Fox is a little different as it relates to an internship, because I actually did an interview with Ms. Barranda and she was actually interested in the fact that I have an associates degree in Civil Engineer and worked in construction. I believe the only reason that I wasn’t able to do an internship with Fox Five this semester is because the days I won’t be available due to my class schedule. As with the other 3 big networks I believe they would offer great opportunities for broadcast operations both in and out of New York City.

10. Viacom                                                                                                                    1515 Broadway                                                                                                              New York, NY

Andrea MacRae – Manager, Viacom Human Resources
1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
T 212.846.7747 | F 212.846.1850

Viacom originally started in 1971 as a division of CBS, and the current Viacom became a spin off from CBS as Viacom Inc. Viacom currently has 15 brands/ companies under it’s ownership much similar to Discovery Communications, with companies such as BET and MTV networks. Besides Paramount Pictures, nearly all of Viacom’s companies are music and entertainment driven networks, ranging from Urban to Country. Similar to Fox Five, I actually had contact with their HR manager, but the problem here was that they contacted me 3 weeks into the semester so that was not feasible that late into the semester. I believe that summer 2015 would be a much better opportunity for internship, and possible work afterwards in their creative work division.



Re-Write, Re-search, Re-design & Re-present

Here is my plan for the rest of the semester:

10/24 : Apply final edits to master resume and job specific edited versions of resume.

10/31 : Have a compiled first draft of Final Project proposal

11/07 : By this time I expect to have made a decision on a portfolio layout. I think I’ve been dragging out the process a bit too long.

11/21 : Continue tinkering on my portfolio and working on the revision of the Final Project proposal.

11/28 : I plan to have a an approved Final Project proposal by this time so that my group can make preparations to implement the project.

12/12 : Make final revisions to Project proposal if not approved. Begin to search for internships for Summer 2015.

12/19 : Begin to gather information for final project and continue searching for Summer 2015 internships.



Wryly Writing about Words

I must say that the challenge to write or create something for 11 days really was not that hard to decide on. It would come down to writing. After all how hard could writing 750 words everyday really be? Well I would admit I didn’t want to do it at first and reluctantly I completed the first day. As with each day it got progressively easier. Plus with the way 750 words is set up I was able to type words in each entry on both my laptop and phone and this was helpful, due to the fact that I was not always able to feel that inspired in the morning. I think for me the process each day was not to necessarily get in all the amount of words at one moment but ultimately by the end of the day.

I would say that by writing each day it was not always relevant stuff, in fact many times it was just whatever came to mind and that was based on my mood at that time. However in being able to reach those 750 words or more each day, inspired me to pursue some writing more head on for other classes rather than pussyfooting and procrastinate till the last minute. I just did it I wrote.

In relation to a final project idea the writing didn’t really inspire me towards an idea. I have already been pitched a collaborative effort already which sounds good so far. But definitely creating a written post everyday proved to me that there was time I could set aside each day to create something. It may not always be something great but it can be something none the less.

A look Refik the meek and Cowart the tremendous

For this week I found a portfolio by a student at UCLA. Refik Anadol is a graduate student in the MFA in Media Arts class of 2014. I will compare Refik’s portfolio to photographer Jeremy Cowart’s portfolio.

On Refik’s portfolio his home page also doubles as his Works pages. Refik’s page has three links which are About, Works and Blog. His Works page is a thumbnail tile layout of his work with a brief description and date below it. Each thumbnail opens to a documented page of the the project with a write up and then with videos and photos of the project. There are also arrow links in each project description which allow you to move on to the next project without having to go back to the Works page. Refik’s bio page speaks about his the work he does, his education, his awards and links to some of his exhibitions, performances and publications he has done. His Blog page is similar to a diary page with more photos and less descriptions, like a customizable Instagram page. Refik has all his contact information at the bottom of his portfolio along with his social media links.

When you access Jeremy’s home page, you instantly recognize this is an experienced professional. Jeremy’s homepage looks similar to a regular blog but he is advertising himself right away, and also has all of his social media at the top of his page. Jeremy’s links on his page are Portfolio, Online Classes, Bio and Contact. The Portfolio page shows different sized tiles of photos both color and b&w, and gives the option to view them altogether or in categories. Online classes advertises classes he does or has done and book he has. His Bio page describes his work as an artist including portraits of celebrities he has done, along with work for top brand companies and a social media network he co-founded. Jeremy’s Contact page however does not offer contact directly to him but allows you to leave your contact info very briefly.

For my own portfolio, I believe I have enough artifacts of work I have done. I would like to work on the design and layout of the site. I could also look at the interface of my links as well. I also would want to work on my Social Media contacts and update my YouTube page as a channel by privatizing videos that as pre-final or process videos. I will also work more on my twitter page and possibly add an Instagram page.

Music that connects and Lively Beers

This sound clip was originally created as an assignment for

This audio project we were asked to create a story using audio snippets form songs for the DS106 assignment named Music Tag. This assignment placed more emphasis on the lyrics of each song used and the requirement was that the last word of each clip used had to be the first word of the next clip. I also took on the other challenge in using different genres and decades.

The songs I used for the story with corresponding lyrics are as follows:

Rock That Body – Black Eyed Peas (2010)

I wanna rock right now
I want I wanna rock right now
I want I wanna rock right now
Now, now, rock right now
I want I wanna rock right now
I want I wanna rock right now
I want I wanna rock

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay – Sha Na Na cover (1968)

Rock (rock) – oh baby – rock (rock) – oh baby – rock (rock)
Oh baby – rock (rock) – oh baby
Rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay, it will never die
It was meant to be that way, though I don’t know why
I don’t care what people say, rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay

Stay – Rihanna (2013)

I want you to stay.                                                                                                             Ooh, ooh, ooh, the reason I hold on
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ’cause I need this hole gone

Gone – Switchfoot (2003)

Gone, like yesterday is gone
Like history is gone
Just try and prove me wrong and
pretend like you’re immortal.                                                                                           She said, he said, live like no tomorrow

Annie – Tomorrow (1977)

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow
You’re always a day away                                                                                          Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow
You’re always a day away …

The challenge for me was not knowing the songs since I knew all the songs I used, I just couldn’t remember all of them be name, but choruses and hooks from songs are usually the most remembered parts of songs.
This project also reminded me of creating mix-tapes on cassettes back in the 1990s. This small documentary is of rapper Nas talking about creating mix-tapes by listening to the radio and having to record the songs you want and also to make sure you didn’t re-record over the portion of tape you recorded the songs on, in addition to getting full versions of the songs you wanted in the order you wanted. In these times if you wanted to have the songs you heard at a show or on the radio you would listen for when it was in rotation on the stations playing hip hop or rap.
This short clip more or less sums up how what was known as mix-tapes in the past were created compared to how in this current day a mix-tape is simply done by dragging and dropping songs on a computer into a playlist.
I used a similar approach to making the sound story without using a vinyl cassette. I used Audition for this project and I used the multi-track editing for this project. For each song I first researched the lyrics for each song so that my editing would make sense. Then after I had the lyrics, I was able to source the position of the audio clip in relation to the selected lyrics and using the the selection and cut tools in Audition, I was then able to select and cut the portions of the song I needed. I then was able to line up each audio clip in 5 tracks below each other and line up the end of each track with the beginning of the corresponding clip so the clip could be continuous. I also altered the gain on clips where needed, so that I didn’t have some clips being louder or quieter in than the next and the volume wouldn’t be jumping from song to song greatly.
A blog
 I found a blog and a portfolio that I like. Beer Labels in Motion is a tumblr blog that I found and love, because it combines 2 things I like that being beer (not really American beer) and gifs. I like how Trevor was able to configure the gifs on all the bottles and cans in different positions and they not only look seamless on a curve but they are continuously on a loop which is ideal for for great gifs. What enlightens the detail of the gifs is the animation of the gif created out of an original still image. This shows to me the thought process to envision how a motion should occur and the fix for the background.
Below is a gifs are from Trevor’s Beers in Motion blog:
A Portfolio
I found a great portfolio created by Matt Harvey. I like the layout of the Matt’s portfolio because it is simple and yet still strong in content. The site looks clean and it is clear to navigate and understand even,  with the minimum amount of description given for each work.