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Just a College junior who has found his "knack" in a major. I am truly glad to be able to finally learn the skills to put my artistic attributes in hard copy. It's Great work this semester, or bust!

Richard’s Masterplan……. Yeahhhhh right!!!!

First off let me say, this class has certainly pushed me to get all my “Ducks in a Row” as my father would say and has told me many times before.  Which means, Procrastination is not my friend.

I have registered for the Final Project course but have yet to be approved by Michael Smith.  Hopefully, after this little “Speel”, I’ll get permission:

1. My Final Project Proposal is to shoot, star in and edit a short film called “Down & Outta here“.  It’s the Story of a talented person but gets sucked into drug addiction.  After a long rehabilitation stint, he returns home to his wife but finds that she has been cheating on him while he was away.  Despite his teachings while away, he slowly, and very comically is sucked back into his old ways of doing things.  With help from his friends and family, he manages to pull himself out of the gutter and overcome his demons.  It’s a real cheer for him type of story.  We as the audience will feel his pain.

I have written a script for the short already but it has to be tweeked a little bit for the screenplay but nevertheless, the story is solid.

I have one camera of my own and am certain I may borrow another when necessary from the CT lab.  Sound will be handled via zoom recorders and external mics on the DSLR’s.  I can always tweek my sounds with Pro Tools.I have perfect locations for each scene already in mind and those special scenes like a bar, the people have been notified and I may use it when ready. I used to work at one of the locations and I have unimpeded access.  All of my actors haven’t been put into place yet, but I’ve gotten plenty of offers and before I commit to any of them, I’ll need permission to enroll in the course, then Production will begin.  I have a total of 7 roles in the movie.

My time for shooting the entire film would take me 2 to 3 months and editing another 2. In case of setbacks, I can allow only one other month for the entire project to be finished.

I do not have an internship planned yet, but I’ve recieved an offer for one next semester and really don’t want to accept it because I’m really dead-set on doing my final Project in the Spring.  Also, I’d much rather do an summer internship, hopefully “paid”.

My Portfolio is looking really good and I have linked my resume to my Bio page.  Daniel said I should add more to my resume, but as of yet, I’ve yet to do that being as busy as I am.  But, what I have will surfice because all of my production is on the site. Why read about it when you can see it first hand.

As such:

Richard D. Holmes’s Portfolio

Sorry I’m late, but Help!!!

I have proudly built my online portfolio these past couple of months.  It took constant trial and error to what I believe now has evolved into something I can be proud of.  Now, I’ll have to arrange my content and add my present projects. Find Portfolio here.


My production resume is ready and has been approved by Daniel Phellps.  He has asked me to include “All” of my work while in the CT program and I am somewhat hesitant to do so for the reason that I hate 2 page resumes.  But, he’s the boss.


I haven’t explored that issue further since our last discussion regarding internships for I plan on taking that course during the summer which gives me time next spring semester to nail one down.


My final project keeps switching up in my mind.  One side tells me that I should focus on building my Non-Profit Website “Demetriasgreatheart.org” until it’s the best it can possibly be and is fully functional with paypal accounts and all links intact.

On the other hand, there is this movie script I’ve begun writing but not certain if I could pull off the filming of the entire production in one semester. The name of it is “100 Black Coffins”  It’s pertaining to the struggle of a NYC teenager to make the right choices in life.  He bumps his head numerous times with stints in jails, bouts with drug addiction and family problems. Will he get it together??? We’ll have to see… I’m on scene 4 of 30.

What should I do about this.?



My Non-Existent Plan ???

I have yet to really give much thought to my plan of action after Graduation, but I do know it needs to start now.  I envision a portfolio with all my work done here while in school.  Most of it I am very very proud of and know it’s a stepping stone to greater things.

I would say that i need to begin preparing my online portfolio which I was and still kind of under the assumption that this class will provide the platform for me to do such. If I’m mistaken, I believe I must make a sub-domain under my already existing domain and create it there.  Help me if I’m wrong.

So, I like taking things a step at a time.  Once my online presence is sound and secure, then I will be able to move on.

Paid…. or Unpaid????? That is the question..

I went on various sites and actually searched the web for creative behind the camera, editing, and all around social media positions that wanted a savvy, quick on their feet person to come and learn the skills.  These are what I found;

1. for my number one position I chose Emmis Communications because I had the pleasure of visiting their studios which are the homes of WBLS, Hot 97 and WLIB which is a Gospel station.  I was pleased by their different phases of production and actually got to edit and make an “mock” advertisement for Beyonce and Frankie Beverly & Maze.  See here   And, they used Pro-Tools to do it in.  I was like…”Hey, I can do that!!  “Thanks Mike”

I got the contact information for the HR person who actually was the person who invited us.  So, with my fingers crossed and my resume uploaded, I’ll get it.

The next positions you will see are things I found online and loved the way they were advertised on a “internship database”.

2. Dv Depot is the name of the company and it’s located in NYC.  It’s a equipment rental company and would give me hands on experience in understanding professional cameras, and all types of production gear.

3. The next company is called News Feed. Also located in NYC.  It’s a local and small online news casting site and they offer hands on experience behind the camera capturing their output. I think it’s a get up and go type of position and I love thinking on the run. It’s Also a paid internship.

4. Kirshinbalm Productions in NYC is also seeking a intern to work directly under the producer.  My knowledge of Premiere Pro and various cameras would serve me well as I assist the marketing team with visuals for their campaigns.

5. Christopher DeMairo Studio is currently seeking an intern for Photography and retouching on their fashion shoots in studios in NYC and Brooklyn.  They say if you’ve got the knowledge of cameras and photoshop, you could be the one.  Unpaid but it only requires 2 to 3 days a week.

6. 4A’s Multicultural  internship company wants to connect aspiring graphic designers, photographers and web designers in various internship opportunities.  It’s a paid internship that is rewarded at the end with a luncheon and possible job opportunities.  It’s partners own businesses in the Greater NY Area.

7. Reliz Music Group in NYC is seeking smart, creative students who want  to further their knowledge of working and advertising in the music arena.  Shoots at concerts and advertising events is most of the responsibilities required.  Good knowledge and comfort behind a camera is a must.

8. Relix Music Group is as I stated above also looking for graphic artist with knowledge of photoshop, Bridge, and Illustrator to bring new outlook to their music ads.

11 Months crammed into 11 days…..

For my 11 day challenge I thought to honor the disabled population of our era.  We Are sometimes defined by our Disabilities but over looked for our abilities.

Day 1.  Thought of the idea to cram all my college accomplishments into 1 video.

Day 2.  Slept.

Day 3. Recorded Church sessions.

Day 4. Re-recorded Church sessions.

Day 5. Taped Boardwalk session

Day 6. Taped Bathroom Scene.

Day 7. Slept.

Day 8. Recorded School inserts

Day 9. Began editing.

Day 10.  Searched for media

Day 11.  Edited, Edited and Edited.

Day 12.  Exporting.  And showcase.


All the music you will hear is Richard and his Keyboard Player from 2nd St. John Baptist church.

Keeping them entertained I see…..

For this assignment, I was able to locate lots of student portfolios and wow!!  I was surprised at the contrast between some of them.  After seeing the Portfolios in this research assignment, I now know my Professional choice last week was not one of research but one of convenience.

I know chose two different types of portfolios to explore in my findings.  The first one Is a Ms. Tiffany Starman who recently received a BFA degree in Graphic Design. Her Portfolio is quite simple to say the least.  Her home page begins with a simple TS logo and 4 navigational titles at top.  The Body of her home page contains a simple welcome note, describing where she’s from, why she does what she does and her recent educational Milestones.  There’s a picture on her page that suggest “Tranquility”

The navigational titles at top take us to her Portfolio page where she has tiled thumbnails of images that when hovered over, display larger to the left of the screen. These images are clearly her graphic designs as puppy’s with cute titles grace the picture. Then her Photography page has photos and I guess to show her photographic abilities.  Then there’s a resume page with throws a nice pictured image of her resume onto the screen.  Then or course, there’s her Contact page which list her email, etc.

Personally, this is to simple for me.

Now, I came across from the very first page a portfolio that engaged me at first sight.

Her name is Brooke Anderson and as I click her Portfolio, I was fascinated at first glance.  It has the most of the same qualities as the above portfolio but her page is much more interactive and fluid.  Her site has her logo BA but there’s a slider that flashes different images of her work.  This very same page has sections of text, each different section explains what Graphics, learning, etc, mean to her and as you read these sections, you are caught up already without having to go on to the rest of her portfolio.  But, when you do, there are 5 navigational titles that give insight into her life.  She has a bio page that shows pictures of what motivates her which is her family.  I believe this adds a touch of sincerity to her profile.  She breaks down how she came to become a designer and also breaks down her educational background.  Each clearly separated from each other and just as engaging as the next. She has a contact page which however little information she gives, stands out and expresses her care and passion for designing.  Her portfolio page stacks thumbnails which with the use of lightbox when clicked, will display the chosen image in larger view.

Since I am studying web design also,I plan on modeling my portfolio just as she has hers.  Her portfolio kept me entertained and engaged.  I love it.

I just realized, neither of the Students I chose has any links to any social media.  I find this interesting because the vast majority of the ones I searched through had. I would purposely set up different social media accounts to link to my portfolio.  The one I have has been around for some time now and gathered lots and lots of mileage from different aspects of my life that I wouldn’t share with anyone seeking my skillset.


My Savvy Site would include……..

I would definetly include  3 or four of my work done while here at my York College learning sessions.  I have worked really hard and technical on learning and putting every aspect of my knowledge to the test once learned.  I believe I am very proud of my successes thus far.  I’d have to first include my Portrait Doc Documentary for which I was given an A.

Then there would have to be assignments that were not given via York.  These were assignments I took on as a personal challenge and help for a friend of mine.  I used the final project of this assignment as my Cinematography final and received another A.

I could go on and on for each day I am constantly thinking of throwing my newly learned skills into other assignments and freelance jobs.

I began studying film and how it was made a year ago.  Actually, 3 semesters ago and was immediately introduced to some working directors and cinematographers.  This one gentleman I was graced to follow around from set to set on 3 different video shoots would have to be a person who inspires me.

His name is Kofi Okai and he’s a photographer and a Cinematographer.  I feel his sites are straight to the point for enabling the viewer to see exactly what he does and nothing else.  I like them.


I plan on making a compelling and visually compelling portfolio for I know I put care, time and pride into producing and making things the world can love.