Final Project Proposal…

I have not been given permission to register for final project class yet. I plan on taking it in the spring of 2015 once i gets approved. For my final project, i would be taking in the roles of production manager and lighting designer in order to showcase my designs in a live setting. I will be putting together a concert/showcase with performances by a few singers and musicians. It will be a full scale concert with a band, sound rigging system, and lights. I will also be making changes the the current lighting plot in order to add visual diversity to the performance. The date is set for April 9th. I have put together a team of technicians and promoters to help me achieve my goal. This event will take place in the large theater of the PAC.


I do not have an internship in place yet. Ive got an offer but have not seemed to have the right one yet. I am currently developing cover letters to send to a few companies that i have in mind.


Progress!! and Help!!…please


` I was thinking about getting a team together to put on a production across the street in the small theater in the performing arts center. Basically my main job would be designing/programming the lighting for the show and acting as the lighting board operator. It would be a concert/showcase and It will be in the evening. It will be free and open to the public.

` I havent set ideas for exactly who i want to perform but I have brought the idea to alot of musician friends who are willing to help me out. Maybe have a band headline and have two or three opening acts before hand.

` I was also thinking it will be a great opportunity to have some of my classmates film and take pictures for their event to use for their portfolio.


` I have my resume done in a way that is presentable for internships but will have to be altered a little bit for productions jobs that would pay.

`One thing i do know i need help with is a cover letter because some places that offer internships ask for this.


` As for my  portfolio, I dont really have one because 1) its hard for me to take pictures and operate the board at the same time when i do do shows, 2) i dont really have a lot of my work documented.


`I have sent my resume to a place that is offering an internship. S2BN Entertainment

`I am still looking on Offstage Jobs everyday for stuff.

Light bulb…sorta

These past couple days I’ve been trying to come up with what I want to display in my portfolio And how I want to be seen professionally. I spent a few days really thinking about what I’m good at what I enjoy the most. I know I want to have a career as a lighting designer/lighting programmer but mostly for theater and concerts. I spent a lot of time researching and thinking about how I was going to portray my work in this field in a portfolio. To me portraying live light designs for theater is a “see it to believe it” experience, but how do I show his using media? Maybe photography to show my designs and the latest technology, maybe a short film? I remember going to see Demi Lovato’s “Neon Lights” Tour a couple months back and being amazed by  how much fun and cool the lighting was. I remember it feeling like a club and a dance party And leaving say “whoever was the lighting designer did an awesome job”! I later found this video of the lighting designer for the tour speaking of his inspiration for his designs

I also found this video of the lighting designer for “SpiderMan” on Broadway speaking of how lighting can effect 100% of the audience that attends these shows and how it is a major factor of story telling.

Cory Fitzgerald, the lighting designer for the “Neon Lights Tour” for Demi Lovato shows his designs in a portfolio on his website titled “Seven Design Works”. He displays his designs via photography which really captures his designs.


There’s a first time for everything.

I completed this short documentary fall of 2013 for the Portrait Documentary class offered here at York. I was asked to create a documentary displaying a portrait of a person. I chose to complete the project based on this particular woman because not only have I known her for a long time, but her line of work and her “impact” on the people around her would make for a great portrait piece. Her line of work (Artistic Director for ‘The Possibility Project’, a non profit organization that works with teenagers across NYC to create an original musical about their view of lives and ways they believe will make the world a better place)  gave me a lot of room to explore where to take the story. I was running into major and minor problems when creating this piece because not only was I learning how to use the camera and equipment, but I was also learning how to use Adobe Premiere at the same time. Also not having any film experience prior to  this, I sort of felt like I was being thrown into the fire by the professor, but I know it was for a greater good.  This piece was a lot of fun and hard work to complete. I was able to learn about how documentaries are made, how to shoot using HD cameras, and also I was able to learn a lot about how to create a story out of a simple idea. Another SUPER important thing that I noticed and learned while making this documentary was that in reality TV and/or documentary film making, a persons words and comments can be manipulated into a story by the use of voice cuts and jump cuts.

I chose to put this piece in my portfolio because it is a piece that I am most proud of because I know I gave my all into creating this and trying to make it as real and true to this woman’s life and story.

The Possibility Project helped me understand life growing up and Elizabeth Howard (The woman featured in the documentary) is the reason that some of my morals and beliefs came about. This piece was a gift to her, to show her her importance to the people around her.


I chose to use a professional site titled It is presented by a female from Hawaii. I really enjoy her work because of the earthy, natural, be achy tone behind all her photos. I follow her page because not only is her work compelling but her style is amazing.

Food for thought

I decided to use a photography blog that my friend created. She is a photography major at FIT and has created multiple sites to display her work. One of my favorites is her Food Photography blog. One this site she displays photos of food that she makes herself in order to not only display her art but to promote healthy living and eating.

One her site which, is a presented by tumblr, 4 categories are listed. Home, Ask, Archive, and Recipes. Home takes viewers to the page where her latest photos and/or posts are presented as a collection of 15 post are present. Ask, allows viewers and followers to ask questions which can either be presented publicly or anonymously. Archive allows you for all the post and photos to appear in the order that it was posted and Recipes, allows viewers to recipes created by her for each photo she post.

In comparison to photographer Jenah Yamamoto, a professional photographer from Hawaii, both portfolios are presented using tumblr. Below is the link to her blog/site where she presents her work.

Gypsy One presents her work in a continuous stroll template as the home page. This presents her work in a format that allows all her photos to be seen as you stroll down the page. Catergories, Home, Ask and Archive are presented under the Main title on the home page. The main difference between the student portfolio and the Professional portfolio is that the professional portfolio presents other means of communication and connecting to her work. For example she shares her instagram account, and a link to her new website.

I can say that i am still confused and uncertain as to what i want my portfolio to present. It is tough because I don’t have a single style to focus on. I do have work that I am proud of but i don’t have enough in order to present it as ac collection. I know that i do what my protfolio to be presented by tumblr since it is a social network that i am familiar with. I want it to be simple and have  the art speak for itself.