It’s Over!

Research Proposal- Stephanie and Myself

A.We plan on taking Final Project in the summer of 2015 because we are taking other major classes in spring 2015

B.Idea: The main idea of our final project is to tell a story through animation of a young girl and her mom. Her name is Sarah and she’s been having problems in school. Throughout her first year in college, her mom Samantha becomes ill with breast cancer. The story tells about the closeness of a mother and daughter relationship as well as sending a message that no matter what you’re going through there’s always a bright light at the end of every struggle.

C.We are creating a 4 min animation, with two main characters who are Sarah and her mom Samantha. We plan on using Photo shop, After Effects, Illustrator, and we will also use pop up bubbles. We already planned our scenes out on a storyboard. Stephanie and myself plan on drawing the characters .

D. We plan to have a demo at the end of January and to work on it throughout the spring semester so, when we take this class in summer we are more prepared and we could incorporate different aspects into our project.

2. I plan on taking internship class for Fall 2015, that way I have everything together and I’m more prepared.

I went over my resume with Daniel and everything is good so far on it, as I work on different projects I will add them to my resume and online portfolio. Yes, I did include a link to my resume on my online portfolio.
Here is the link to my online Portfolio, as I’m working on different projects I will add them as I move on.


After looking through many internships, i tried to pick the ones i found interesting & below are the information for the companies!

1.Company: Boys and Girls Harbor Inc
Addresses: 1 EAST 104 st New York, NY
Contact: 212-427-2244

This company was started to help young children grow and become more empowered.It’s a place for young children to feel empowered and to grow. It offers them a place to feel like there somebody in this world because of so much going on around them.Anthony Drexel Duke was the founder of this company and with his great background from Princeton University, he wanted to create a place where young children would feel welcomed and develop not only in education but in other ways to help them grow.The role of being a Writer/Editor would help me to work for this company because there company is looking for someone who performs strong oral and communications skill.

After doing my research on this company, I feel as if i could add to their company because I have knowledge on the programs that they are requiring such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel and much more.This company would help me grow more and teach me more stuff about communications in general.Their company will help me to create and develop more media knowledge as well.

Addresses: 437 5th Aveneue New York,NY
Contact: 212-243-3900

This company allows an individual to bid of different things to help different charities. You could bid on a change to meet JayZ or to have lunch with Obama. The money earned goes to different charities and it helps make your dream into a reality.After researching about this company i love what they do and what they stand for. They work with multiple charities such as Little Kids Rock and Mentoring USA.I would really love the opportunity to work with this company because i would offer them my skills as well as feeling like I’m giving back.

When looking at their requirements they didn’t’ list anything about having any knowledge on different software programs such as Photoshop and After Effects so I’m hoping i could add my skills on these programs to their company and I also have Facebook and instagram and i could add to their company with my knowledge on these media sites.

Addresses: 34-36 Union Street Flushing,NY
Contact: 212-213-0257

The goal of this company is to empower little kid to think big and to learn new things about health,nutrition and fitness.I believe i could add to their company because I already have knowledge with working with kids so it would be in my comfort zone. I think i could help this company by offering them my skills with working with children as well as offering them my knowledge on different computer programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop.Their company was started by Lyle Benjamin and his goal was to develop a place where young children could learn from each other as well as empowering them.

16ThingsKidsCanDo isn’t asking for a lot from an intern. They want an intern that has professionalism,communications skills and a willingness to work. I believe i possess all of these things and i plan to add to their company with my communication skills.

Addresses: 30 W 26th Street New York,NY
Contact: 646-638-0565

This company allows a student to be mentored and working along people that wants to empower students.This company was founded in 1995 it works with the collaboration of business and public school. I plan to add to this company by working alongside them by helping them with different social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram,and also helping them to promote their company more.I could also add to their company with my knowledge on Photoshop.

Their requirements make me feel as if this job is a great start for my internship career because it will help me to show them that i’m really passionate about their company along with learning more communications insights from them as well.

5. New Eyes For The Needy,INC
Addresses: 549 Milburn Ave, NJ
Contact: 973-376-4903

This company was founded in 1932 by Julia Lawerance Terry.Their mission of their company is to help people who are less fortunate to be able to get glasses if they need.They have helped 6,664 people in the United States and they have also recycled over 140,000 glasses. I believe i could add to their company as a writer/editor because they are looking for someone who would be able to edit and proof read other team members work.

I would envision myself working for this company by helping them and adding to their company by offering them my knowledge with different software programs and i would love the opportunity to learn from their company as well because of what they stand for.

Addresses: 234 Columbus Ave New York,NY
Contact: 212-858-0305

This company’s goal is to get you in shape and their website shows that very well.This company was started recently in 2013 and i would like to work as an Editor/Writer for this company because it would give me the opportunity to get more constructive criticism in my work as well as learning from their company.

I believe this is a great internship for me because i could offer this company the things an programs i learned so far as well as building my portfolio and resume along the way. I would also get a chance to learn from them and improve my knowledge.

7. Dylan’s Candy Bar
Addresses: 1011 Third Ave at 60th St,NY
Contact: 646-735-0078

First off, I would love to work for this company.Being a candy and chocolate lover,this would be a dream come true. This company was founded by in . With the love of candy i would love to work for this company as a editor/writer. Their company doesn’t have a lot of requirements for an intern they are looking for. My knowledge on social networking sites as well and different software programs would help me to contribute to their company.

I believe this company would be a great internship for me because it will help me better my communications skills as well as learning hands on from some great experts.

8.Lead Clearance,INC
Addresses: 6223 20th Ave Brooklyn,NY
Contact: 347-699-5323

This is an EPA Lead testing company and they were established in 2004.If i get the opportunity to intern with this company i would love to work as a writer/ editor because their requirements is for someone to be able to give feedback on team members work.
I plan to offer this company my knowledge on the different software programs as well as learning from them and learning the different things they could offer me as well.

The Final Breakdown!

As the time is approaching it’s official time to Buckle Down!

Week 8:
I plan on working on my portfolio and resume and getting all of my information together and making it look more presentable. I also have to put together all of the projects i have worked on thus far as well as thinking of my final project idea.

Week 9,10 & 11:
I plan on making my online portfolio and having it look professional as to some that Professor Micheal has shown us in class.I also plan on creating a personal Facebook and Instagram page to show off my work because it will allow it to look more professional.

Week 12 & 13:
I plan on creating my final project and making sure it looks great!

Week 14:
The Finale. I plan on having everything together and making sure i have fulfilled everything that was asked of me from Professor Micheal.I plan on having a great resume that’s worthy of going on interviews with as well as having an online portfolio.

750 words?!! Come again ?!

For the project we either had to make something or do the eleven day blog with 750 words. I decided to do the 750 words challenge. I found it very interesting and challenging. This week has been a really difficult week for me and the 750 words gave me an opportunity to vent about it. It was challenging because at some points I got stuck and I didn’t know what to say but it made me express myself more because I know I had to write 750 words. Im still thinking about what i want to do for my final project  but I think I’ll incorporate the 750 words a day challenge into it. I’m thinking of doing a personal website that’s geared to college students that gives them a way to express themselves and a way for them to share their experiences with college. It would give a freshman student to see life through a seniors eye in college. I’m still working on the concept. I really enjoyed doing the eleven day challenge , even though I didn’t do the entire eleven days i found it very useful because I was having a one on one discussion with myself. When I finished writing I would read it over and it made me realize that even though I had a tough week with losing two family members it showed me that I’m stronger than i thought I was. I’ll definitely continue this challenge.

A greater understanding!

This week the assignment was to look for student portfolios which was a bit more challenging but i found a great student portfolio and the student’s name is Christopher Munoz. When i was looking at his work i was truly astonished because everything is layed out so perfect and everything just captured my attention so fast. His portfolio is extremely colorful and it made me want to find out more information about him.He listed his work as well as an about me page. He also listed on his portfolio every social media site he’s connected to such as his twitter,instagram, Facebook and pintrest just to name a few.

The portfolio i did last week was on Bagrad Badalian, who is a famous photographer.The only difference with his work and Christopher’s is that Christopher has a lot more way of connecting to him while Bagrad only has his book and a section where you could ask him questions about his work. I really hope to make my portfolio similar to Christopher’s because it’s very organized and no matter what you’re looking for you could find it very easily with just a few clicks.Another thing that was interesting about Christopher’s page was the fact that his resume was connected to his portfolio. This was one thing that made him stand out more than Bagrad did. I really enjoyed learning different styles of portfolio’s an different ways of creating it. This assignment also thought me that you could have your social networking sites private but you could also create another one for to show off your work.For my portfolio i don’t think i would include a lot of different social networking sites i would most likely create a different one for to show off my work.

Get those resumes ready!!

In my opinion, a portfolio should include all the different work an author has worked on from when they first began to where they are now in their career.It should also show their experience with all the different types of programs such as photoshop,illustration, pro tools and many more. The person interviewing the candidate should see a variety of different work experience on their resume.

One great artist i found going by the name of Bagrad Badalian. His photographs are realy intense and deep because of the use of color and the passion shown through these photos.His photos make you stop and wonder what was his inspiration and what different aspects did he use in creating these.

The things that should be included in a bona fied blog post consist of all the things a Level three blog post needs.It should include a clear statement and a set of goals for what the purpose of the post will be. It should also include a thoughtful title and a description of the research and it should also include links because it will help the reader to learn more information about what the writer is referring to.It should also give a description of the research and the understanding of the illustration.This blog post should also have for embedded media artifacts related to your topic/assignment.If you have all of these things in your blog post,then you indeed have a bona fied blog post!