Progress, in process.

Final Project

I haven’t been approved for final project yet but I have spoken with Michael about my idea a few times and each time it gets better.

My project will be a series of interviews (written, webcam, mini documentary character portraits, podcasts, etc.) with successful professionals and entrepreneurs. In trying to figure out what I want to do career wise, I’ve spoken to countless professionals. I feel that a lot of us put successful people on a pedestal and treat them as if they are somehow different from us. ¬†We tend find excuses for why one person made it vs. ourselves. The purpose of my interviews is to humanize these people and rather than just talk about their successes, discuss with them the time leading up to where they are now. I will have them answer questions about who they are and how their personality played into their career choice, any failures or bad choices they made and how they recovered from them. I will ask about the balance between their personal lives and their work life.

Since our project is about process, we will have a separate page of behind the scenes of the work we put into our project. When Michael suggested this I initially thought “I can’t let them see the craziness behind the production!” but I realized that’s exactly what I’m asking other people to do.

Tentative Timeline

December: Finalize contact list of possible subjects. Conduct general interviews with possible subjects to find their strengths. Find out what extracurricular activities they are engaged in and what events they have planned for the new year.

Find out if there’s anyone close to them (coworker/volunteer/teammate) that would be willing to be interviewed. Get permission to shoot in work/volunteer settings. Start to schedule for b-roll shooting.

January: Design/build wordpress/Drupal based website.

Set interview dates for February with two subjects. (Most likely Anthony Frazier, The Phat StartUp, Aina Abiodun, StoryCode, Saundra Thomas, ABC)

Plan interview questions.


Shoot, at minimum, two interviews. Best days to shoot: Tuesdays, Thursday mornings, Fridays & weekends. Look through footage for best places to insert b-roll. (If necessary set up follow up interview) Start editing video/audio. Insert b-roll if already recorded.


Finalize at least one video. Second video, at least halfway. Depending on how far along first two videos are, get questions ready for next shoot. Set dates for early April.



I have my resume but haven’t gotten it approved by Dan yet. Putting together my resume made me realize how different my resume will be from the others in my class. I don’t feel like I have a title (web designer, videographer, graphic designer, even journalist). The closest thing I have to consider myself is a storyteller, or content producer. My main interest is ¬†finding the best way to tell stories and making sure those stories are seen. I’m interested in design in the way that industrial designers and UX designers are. I like to design functionally.

I decided to call myself a content producer/strategist.


Which brings me to my portfolio. My portfolio has some articles I’ve written for the newspaper and some spreads I’ve designed for the online magazine. I still have work to do, organizing it. My final project and my work with the online newspaper are what I plan to use to document my skills in content production and strategy.

I haven’t found an internship yet but I do plan on mentioning that I am looking for one when I interview professionals for my final project. I’ve also had professionals who have encouraged me to apply at their organizations. Hopefully they will keep me in mind when they see my name