Nope, no more time…What do you have?

  1. Final Project Proposal
    1. Yes I have permission for final project in spring 15.
    2. I will be working with someone else, to create a animation with a time up to 15 mins. Using Adobe Flash, and with some Adobe Photoshop, we will recreate what we have plotted on the script. By using storyboards that we create, we then go through all of the stages of animation. Making sure we have the character design, voice overs, backgrounds, music and a decision on how to make the animation of the character flow.
    3. As for the animation we have characters, background ideas, music and a planned tool to use for animating (Adobe Flash).
    4. We have a planned timeline from the beginning of January to the day of  presenting.
  2. Internship Plan
    1. No, however I plan on taking a internship over the summer.
    2. I have gotten my resume checked and is in need of more production projects.  I will also include a link to my online portfolio.
  3. Portfolio
    1. I now have a domain that I will use for my portfolio. It has placeholder pictures for the moment, however during the winter break I will be rendering my artwork /graphics until they are presentable.
    2. I also have many videos from my motion graphics class and a demo reel that I would also like to refine and put on my portfolio website.
    3. I also consciously decided to add my social media links and my real name to my portfolio since it is a means to communicate with potential cliental.
    4. I also have a page for my resume, but I did get my resume checked by Dan, and was told to add more things to it. So when I put the other pieces together in the resume I will once again get my resume checked.
    5. Here is the link for my online Portfolio, It is easy to navigate, but once again the pictures are not of my own.