It’s Over!

Research Proposal- Stephanie and Myself

A.We plan on taking Final Project in the summer of 2015 because we are taking other major classes in spring 2015

B.Idea: The main idea of our final project is to tell a story through animation of a young girl and her mom. Her name is Sarah and she’s been having problems in school. Throughout her first year in college, her mom Samantha becomes ill with breast cancer. The story tells about the closeness of a mother and daughter relationship as well as sending a message that no matter what you’re going through there’s always a bright light at the end of every struggle.

C.We are creating a 4 min animation, with two main characters who are Sarah and her mom Samantha. We plan on using Photo shop, After Effects, Illustrator, and we will also use pop up bubbles. We already planned our scenes out on a storyboard. Stephanie and myself plan on drawing the characters .

D. We plan to have a demo at the end of January and to work on it throughout the spring semester so, when we take this class in summer we are more prepared and we could incorporate different aspects into our project.

2. I plan on taking internship class for Fall 2015, that way I have everything together and I’m more prepared.

I went over my resume with Daniel and everything is good so far on it, as I work on different projects I will add them to my resume and online portfolio. Yes, I did include a link to my resume on my online portfolio.
Here is the link to my online Portfolio, as I’m working on different projects I will add them as I move on.