Final Project- I have not been approved for Final Project because I’m planning on taking it in Summer 2015. Alicia and I have been working on our final project proposal which is an animation based on a teenage girl who have a hard time juggling school and taking care of her mom who is battling cancer. Because an animation is a lot of work, we will try to start creating this animation during the Winter break so we can have a head start on this big task.

Internship- I’ve honestly not looked at any internships but I do know a friend who works for BronxNet Cable Television and she said she’ll ask around for me. My goal is to definitely get an internship beforeĀ Fall 2015. Daniel is actually reviewing my resume one last time because I need to make some changes, so it hasn’t been approved as yet.

Online Portfolio- Honestly, I haven’t spent as much time on my portfolio this semester because I started to focus mostly on creating projects to add to it. I wish I saved all my previous works from my other classes. I definitely want a proper website up and running with projects during Spring 2015.