Final Post

Final Project-

I did not receive permission to take the course yet. I am going to register for Final project in fall 2015. What I want to make is a music video with my friend Aaron who I did my documentary on in CT 210. He told me he and his friend made a new song together and want to do a video shoot for it. I naturally agreed to do this and if I finish this sooner that I take the class I will ask them if they have any other videos they would like to do. Well the music is already taken care of because my friend is a beat maker and no actors are necessary. I would use a park nearby my house to get night shots done because the theme of the video is dark so it would work for me. there would be a couple of his friends who would be around but as for their role I am not sure about that. I would need to use an on camera light with the recording. I hope to get some of it done during the break by checking out equipment from school


As for my internship process, I have had my resume reviewed by Dan but it was not approved. I am going to register for internship during the summer and search for internships during the spring semester.once I have it approved.I do not have a cover email yet. I do however include my website at the top of the page with my information.


For my portfolio I have been fixing it up since the days of ct 101. I have added my contact information only my email so far. As for any other contact I put twitter and YouTube as a way of connecting my work and my social profile. I added a list of tabs and about me, contact me, photos and videos. The photos tab has photos from a sorority event where Kevin and I were the Photographers. My real is on my website not because I don’t want a different name but because I am the one creating the content I have and I want to be known by who I am not by a stage name.The link below is to my website.