Final Project: I have not been given permission to register for the final project class, I’m planning to register for final project in FALL 2015.  My final project will be on my character Calvin the cactus. I’m planning on making an interactive video (animation) using After Effects, Photoshop,and the program Treehouse ( Tree house gives a time limit for every clip. If you reach a scene, and they are giving you two choices (to go left or to go right). Those two clips has to be exactly the same time length. It’s about precision when it comes to this program. It also makes the viewer feel involved while they’re watching. I have the backstory of Calvin the Cactus on inkle writer.

I plan on following that format. It’s based on a cactus that received his spikes when he turned 25 years old, and he did not have an idea of how to live his life with them. Based on the decision  he makes, it re-directs his life. If he decides to stay and face his problem. Then he will find the solution, and continue to live his life. If he decides to run away, he will find out his history,and why he received his spikes so late in life. I am going to simplify the story, so visually it could make more sense. This animation will be around 5 minutes long. There will be multiple characters: in One scenario

  • The boss
  • The employees in work space.
  • Bob the balloon
  • Calvin the cactus

In Another scenario: some characters will be shown in multiple scenario’s because of importance they have in calvin’s life.

  • Calvin’s mom
  • Calvin’s 3 brothers, and 1 sister

Calvin’s dad ( the one who raised him) This scenario kind of tells you his the whole backstory. What happened to him as child. The power of his spikes. There is two messages to this story. One is to face your problems, and to embrace your uniqueness. There would be dialogue in a form of text, but they will have no voice. There will also be background music playing along the whole video. (The Fray- Look after you soundtrack). I will draw out the background in Photoshop and bring them into After Effects :

  • The office, the street, His house, the Dessert. I will use the background in multiple frames, but it will consist of close up, medium shots, instead of having an establishing the entire time.

This is an example of the storyline, but instead of Jpeg it will be drawn out. And instead of it starting in the office. The scene will start on his 25th birthday. It will also not be themed on a holiday. The ending of one scenario will not end with a picture of a cotton ball, but of the balloon placing the cotton ball on his spikes. And a tear drop of calvin face, while he is saying thank you .This was my 1st time using After Affects, so the quality isn’t the best.

I am going to have a printed written proposal ready by the beginning of next semester.

Internship Plan:

I do not have an internship in place and approved by Dan. I am going to take an internship this summer. So during the winter break. I will do more research on the places I want to intern in. Once that’s figured out I’ll send them my cover letter, and get my internship approved my Dan. Also, resume got approved. So I’ll just have to tweak it up when I send my resume to an internship.


I have created an online portfolio. My domain name is organized my site in different categories. Photography, Sound production, video production, Home, and About Me. I will continue to update my portfolio, as I continue on with my work. It’s pretty easy to navigate. I put my contact information on the about me page.  And you’re also able to comment on my page, and leave your contact information. If you want me to contact you. I don’t have any social media links. But I’m planning on making an Instagram page with my domain name, to show all the photographs I had taken, and will take in the future.

I will not put up my resume on my site until my last semester here at York. There are still a lot of production classes I have not taken yet. And I would like it to be reviewed again by Dan when my last semester is about to be over. So he’ll be able to tell me what else I need to improve more on my resume.