Sorry I’m late, but Help!!!

I have proudly built my online portfolio these past couple of months.  It took constant trial and error to what I believe now has evolved into something I can be proud of.  Now, I’ll have to arrange my content and add my present projects. Find Portfolio here.


My production resume is ready and has been approved by Daniel Phellps.  He has asked me to include “All” of my work while in the CT program and I am somewhat hesitant to do so for the reason that I hate 2 page resumes.  But, he’s the boss.


I haven’t explored that issue further since our last discussion regarding internships for I plan on taking that course during the summer which gives me time next spring semester to nail one down.


My final project keeps switching up in my mind.  One side tells me that I should focus on building my Non-Profit Website “” until it’s the best it can possibly be and is fully functional with paypal accounts and all links intact.

On the other hand, there is this movie script I’ve begun writing but not certain if I could pull off the filming of the entire production in one semester. The name of it is “100 Black Coffins”  It’s pertaining to the struggle of a NYC teenager to make the right choices in life.  He bumps his head numerous times with stints in jails, bouts with drug addiction and family problems. Will he get it together??? We’ll have to see… I’m on scene 4 of 30.

What should I do about this.?