Progress!! and Help!!…please


` I was thinking about getting a team together to put on a production across the street in the small theater in the performing arts center. Basically my main job would be designing/programming the lighting for the show and acting as the lighting board operator. It would be a concert/showcase and It will be in the evening. It will be free and open to the public.

` I havent set ideas for exactly who i want to perform but I have brought the idea to alot of musician friends who are willing to help me out. Maybe have a band headline and have two or three opening acts before hand.

` I was also thinking it will be a great opportunity to have some of my classmates film and take pictures for their event to use for their portfolio.


` I have my resume done in a way that is presentable for internships but will have to be altered a little bit for productions jobs that would pay.

`One thing i do know i need help with is a cover letter because some places that offer internships ask for this.


` As for my  portfolio, I dont really have one because 1) its hard for me to take pictures and operate the board at the same time when i do do shows, 2) i dont really have a lot of my work documented.


`I have sent my resume to a place that is offering an internship. S2BN Entertainment

`I am still looking on Offstage Jobs everyday for stuff.

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  1. We’re in class today so comments I’m submitting below are a collection of notes taken from your peers about your needs for help.

    – There’s some concern that you describe wanting to be a lighting director/board operator for a show. But also need to put on that show. Is it realistic to do both?

    – Finding partners that are committed to such a project would be a really good starting point most likely. In particular someone that really wants to co-manage the putting together of such a show. We all think it would be awesome to see something like a student band concert in the York Theatre, but let’s be mindful of the organizational commitment required. Someone needs to own that portion.

    – Another direction might be to collaborate with a theatre major who is working on a final project show? Does that exist? Could you piggy back on that type of project and play the role of lighting designer/board operator? Also serve as a liaison with interested CT students to get it documented?

    – Are you looking only for pay internships? We’re worried that may limit opportunities in the future?

    – Sounds like your resume is almost ready. Maybe find someone to sit with to just get it done! GET IT DONE!

    – With respect to cover letters have you searched for samples online? Have you met with Daniel Phelps about the things you should consider writing in a cover letter?

    – Looks like you are apply for opportunities, but have you seen any responses? Have you tried to follow up on any applications even if they did not contact you back?


    – Offer someone homemade cookies to come shoot some pictures of your lighting setups! Want a yummy cookie? Would you please take some pictures for me?

    – Photos are important, but there is more to a portfolio! Yes? Do you have plans for how you might present these images somewhere? Think about going back to the < initial post on portfolio in this class.

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