I feel I need a lot of help with achieving my four goals. My online portfoilo, resume, & final project. I did ask a classmate for help with my resume but I feel more help is needed.( I need work to add on).

I need an online presence but I’m not understanding what to put on my online website. I want to add on my social mediums as well.

I have ideas of where I want to intern at but need my resume fone and approved by Daniel P.

For my final project I wanted to do a potrait documentary but I might be taking a new turn and I’m wanting to create a podcast with another classmate.

I just need help or advice on how to tighten or bring these four  goals together to make it work.

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  1. We’re in class today so comments I’m submitting below are a collection of notes taken from your peers about your needs for help.

    – Have you had your resume reviewed by Daniel Phelps yet? I hear he’s got some good advice for you on that front.
    – If you have some places that interest you consider documenting things about them in a single place. A Google doc for example could be a good idea, save URLs, copy paste contact information about HR/Internships, Dates/deadlines. Start putting it in one place and keep building on it as you find more interesting internship opportunities.

    – Looks like you might just start by gathering artifacts you’d like to show people. Anything you feel good about. Find them put them together, even if it’s offline at first. A portfolio is a process and it can get better and better. Believe that by just carving out a little bit of time on a regular basis you can build something over time you will be proud of.

    – Your prospective podcast partner is here in the classroom, so we discussed the idea of constructing an experiment to see how it goes. Just sit down together and record anything. See if you like it. Review the tape. Plan a little bit even if you want, but just getting together and recording involves the smallest bit of planning. So that would be an accomplishment unto itself.

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