Final Project and advice

Final Project

My final project I did a video interview of a well known animator who has worked on television shows, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Daria, Kids Next Door, Ultimate Spider-man, etc.

My Internship

I have found a non-profit internship called New Face Media Productions that does on call projects in filming, broadcasting, podcast, repotting, and editing. When not, on call the interns will, be learning hands on work learning how to use softwares such final cut pro, adobe effects, photoshop, etc. Also I will be learning basic camera operating skills, and how to load feeds and tapes onto a mac’s computer.

My Resume

My resume is almost complete I just have to add some of the latest projects that I have done this year onto my resume.

My portfolio

I have all the projects that I want to put on my portfolio, my only struggle is that I don’t know which direction to go interms of starting a portfolio site with a url and designing a home page so I need some advice on how to do that.

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About starlord23

I am a student at York College, I major in Communications Technology and Journalism. I love operating video cameras and learning how to broadcast as a radio engineer. Besides my love for media studies I enjoy going to the movies, reading comic books and fantasy novels, playing video games, and collecting retro stuff.