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The semester is almost over and I do have some questions regarding the three things that were concentrated throughout the semester. To start things off there’s my resume

For my resume, I wanted to know how to restructure it in the proper way. So far I’ve had personal help on formatting it. Of course I need more material to add onto it. But I believe it will get there. It must get there and should get there.

For my portfolio I want to know if I can create a portfolio using a portfolio template website. I’ve visited Wix and it has some interesting templates and structures that I could use to create my portfolio. I also need to add more productions to my portfolio. Most of my work is video or audio. Not much pictures or designs. But it would compose of media.

For my final project I believe I’ve gotten on track with it much faster than the other two aspects of this course. I’m collaborating with another colleague which is proving to be beneficial. My only question pertaining to the final project would be the proposal. How should it be structured.

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  1. We’re in class today so comments I’m submitting below are a collection of notes taken from your peers about your needs for help.

    – Has your resume been reviewed by Daniel? Look back to the marked-up sample resumes as well. Remember there’s some interesting taxonomy of the types of information to include with each component of a production example or workplace example. Borrow liberally from these examples and others you find online. It’s just a resume and they language used in one you find is very likely built from previous examples as well.
    – You’ve described having posted an number of potential internship locations you’re interested in. Have you tried to craft a email to the company/cover letter yet? Again borrow liberally from examples you find and the language that works.

    – Eyes wide open use of is totally ok. The three important things to ‘mask’ if you don’t want your site to be seen as an obvious WIX site are: custom domain name, custom favicon, and turning off any WIX related logos and identifiers. Use Google to find discussions about these as well as read the WIX documentation.

    – There were two resources for final project proposal formats. One was the prof’s old crappy one, and then there’s also the one from BMCC let to him. But also can you simply describe what it is you will make and how. Start there, restart there.

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