In the site, one advice that i need to take into concentration is what you make outside of class is as important as what you make for class. I take my classes more seriously than I probably should because it obtains to my goal. I’m trying to get into a good masters program, and the required GPA has to be a 3.5 or higher. But i should also focus on outside projects as well. Yes it means something to have an A in a class, but what exactly do you have to show for it.

One thing I really need help with is finding an internship. I don’t want to just work in place to gain experience. I want to be apart of something that’s making a difference, an organization that deals with media but it’s main focus is ending a crisis. Media is a tool being used to bring out their message, and for me that takes a lot of soul searching.

I would like my online portfolio to be review, and any feedback would be appreciated.I feel like i’m in the right place with my online portfolio but improvement is always necessary. I have an idea for my final project, but I do need advice on how to format it. I have the storyline, I know the program I want to use, but what else?


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  1. We’re in class today so comments I’m submitting below are a collection of notes taken from your peers about your needs for help.

    – Make sure you have a clear idea of what you’d like to get out of the program.
    – research lots of programs, not just one. NYU – their film school is one of the most competitive in the world. Look at NYU’s ITP program which is a very progressive MFA in art/technology. But this is going to be a mad expensive MFA. So also research CUNY MFAs, there is at least one CT major that is currently in a CUNY MFA. One that is a bit similar to NYU’s ITP, which is at Hunter Colllege. D.PHelps graduated with his MFA from there three years ago.

    – think about writing an artist’s statement. Ryan Seslow has written a bit about this and MFA thesis writing

    – More about crafting your content with your artistic voice in mind.

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