What I really need to do

Unfortunately I have not had the chance to speak to the CT 101 students yet. However, my advice is hat the work may be hard, but being consistent with work keeps your focus. taking large breaks creates laziness and this is something I know too well. Small breaks and using the procrastination to your advantage use something to motivate your creativity.I would also tell them to work on a resume and keep adding to it because when I started the program nothing was really stressed about it until the beginning of this semester. I would tell them to keep their 101 website because the posts they have show their progress from the beginning. For my resume Dan looked at it and told me to work on it more because the format was not the same as the samples. the internships I have looked at are Television and editing based but I would like to learn as much as I can even if it is radio or web integrated with it. My final project I went on a video shoot with the person I want to do a music video on. I listened to the song and know the feel of the scenery that I can use for it. It would be darker theme since the person rapping would talk about the demons that he and everyone faces in everyday life.

As far as anything I think Michael could help me with I would need his help with my website that I have had since CT 101. I have changed it from what it used to be but I need it to be more professional still. I am currently still adding my work from classes to the site.