Marlon’s status

Final Project:

For my final project I was thinking about doing a series of gif because it’s a form of animation that I would still like to learn that I need improvement on. My second idea is to do a short interview of somebody who once or is currently an animator since I am fascinated with different stages of animation.

* As for my portfolio it is almost complete, and I am still doing numerous project that I would like to add to that portfolio.

* I did secure an internship for the next semester for an independent company called New Face Media Productions. They are open seven day a week and they do numerous projects  for events throughout the city. Whenever they are not filming at an event, we will be in their office learning camera techniques, how to edit with the latest software from final cut pro, adobe effects, etc, we will also learn how to develop quick photoshop skills as well.

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I am a student at York College, I major in Communications Technology and Journalism. I love operating video cameras and learning how to broadcast as a radio engineer. Besides my love for media studies I enjoy going to the movies, reading comic books and fantasy novels, playing video games, and collecting retro stuff.