Meme Friday Gif


For today we did GIF’S for Meme Friday. I think that’s what it’s called. For this assignment we first had to print out a portrait of someone who has some significance to us. For me I chose to use Ray Lewis. His portrait was serious so I chose to try and add some humor to his face. After printing out his portrait, I then went into the makers space and added some cut outs to put on top of the original picture. Some of these cut outs were from other portraits. Once I got the image I wanted I then had to scan the picture as a whole. After the scan was completed the picture was then opened in Photoshop and that’s where the true animation began. I had to place both pictures into Photoshop and then go onto the timeline and adjust the photos to show continuous flashing back between both the original photo and new cut out photo. I thought it was pretty simple and came out good. There’s much more that can be done with this animated GIF technique it’s very interesting.