Places I would like to work/intern at

When we had to list out places we would like to do our internship at it was a tough choice. This is an internship that we should find interesting to us as well as want to expand our minds to learning something new within our field and in the entire industry.I only managed to find 8 out of 10 so far and am hopeful to find more and fill in the rest of this post.

1)    NYC Media Internship
1 Centre St

New York, NY

(212) 669-7400
This Media Station stands out to me because not only do they have television programs but radio is also a part of their programming. A bonus is that it is a part of the mayors office media and entertainment that educates everyone I believe this would be a great place to learn from because it also has an online network which allows its interns to get a feel for all three areas in one setting.
2)     Allegory Productions

       12 Desbrosses Street
       New York, NY

While researching I came across this Production company that does the kind of productions I would like to do. Not only do they require the skills of handling DSLR cameras but they want you to comfortably talk to businesses which is a very important part of doing any kind of work being able to speak to clients/businesses without being hesitant. Including the video production involved Lighting and sound would be just as involved making it more worthwhile  because sound and lighting are important factors.

3)  Kalliste Organics Inc.

    10 Cedar St.
     Dobbs Ferry, NY
At a first look when researching this internship listing was different from the other ones listed above. This retail group sells house products such as soap, creams and other types of care products and are looking to hire for the Video Production Assistant Internship. I think this is different in a good way because it would give more creative control to the production assistant who is in charge of their advertisement giving a small step into the type of work one might possibly do in the future.
4)    The Actors Theatre Workshop

        Manhattan, NY
This is a non-profit theatre education program where interns recieve hands-on management training. what is even better about this is if the intern has any skill with video production they can assist in their video production.
5)    DvDepot

       251 West 39th Street, 7th Floor
       New York, NY

This next place is a Equipment loaning shop. This is similar to what I do as a college assistant for the CT Lab by loaning out equipment. This would be a very beneficial internship because there would be a lot of video equipment to handle and learn about giving a great exposure and using it will be a challenge but will be worthwhile when using the actual equipment and maintaining i properly.

6)     cinematic music group

        West 38th and 9th
        Manhattan, NY
This group is a little more diverse than others posted above because they also have music involved with their group. It says in their ad that they are not one of those places who makes you get coffee and do things that do not benefit you. They need help running their company and gain valuable hands on experience.This is different to hear since other places have you work your way up I guess they would test your level of knowledge and see how you can help out best which sounds like a good place to start.

super sprowtz
Nassau Ave
Brooklyn, NY
This company promotes nutrition education for children and help them know all about wellness and nutrition. This is a positive message to send out and I would easily want to help that cause because I can relate to this because if I had the knowledge earlier in my life, I could have been healthier than I am now. What stands out the most from the necessities is that the use of the green screen is needed which is exciting since I have never worked with one and will soon.

New York, NY
Everyone Knows about Disney and their impact on the media Industry. It makes sense to want to work alongside with them and gain valuable experience with them. The issues I would have with getting an internship with them is my fluency in another language and my cumulative GPA. My major GPA is 3.0 but the overall is lower than that which makes it more difficult to be in that position with them.