My Plan?

When listening to what Dan was saying about our lives outside of the classroom. It really got me thinking about what kind of work I had done from school assignments and that they were enough. I honestly do not know what I want to do but a definite first step to getting any kind of job out in he field would be to work on my resume a lot more as I believe it can be a lot better than it is now.

Another bit of work that can be fixed is the website I created in the DS106 class with Mike that I had kept and am thinking about revamping it to be more professional which I have started slowly fixing it to be more like that.

Next I would work on the proposal for the final Project I want to work on since it would be something that has to be within my ability to do. Something that would challenge me but would no overwhelm at the same time.

Hopefully by the time the course is over I can have everything my portfolio together, my Resume in order and a final project ready to be pitched