GamePlan 101

The plan that I’ve come up with for the remainder of the semester is not very complicated, but yet it will pose to be somewhat difficult.

For 10/31

By this date I plan on having my resume up to par and presentable as I’ve learned from the recent weeks on how to make our resumes. This includes the format, a list of the productions I’ve done (if applicable) and everything else such as education.

For 11/7

I plan on starting my own side productions. I already have an idea in mind that I want to complete as soon as possible. During this time I hope to brainstorm on more ideas that I can do to add more stability to my resume. One of these tasks could include doing projects with other classmates who are included in a group that was recently pulled together. They plan on doing side projects and if I can I would become involved to help out and participate.

For 11/21

Same goes for these following weeks after 11/7. I plan to continue these objectives for the remainder of the semester but during this time I will also begin planning my final project. Technically I already have an idea of what I would like to do but its still in the creation phase.

For 12/5

By this date I should have a well rounded descriptive final project proposal. Hopefully I cover ever loop hole or loose end and it’s complete. Also I want to have my portfolio in place.