Web: Pro’s vs. Average Joe’s

This week’s assignment instead of looking for a professional web portfolio, we were suppose to find a portfolio of a student. For me it wasnt that difficult to find a student. It was actually surprising to see the similarities between his web portfolio and the site that I used to have. In my opinion it was a well done portfolio. But let’s get down to the facts and analyze Frankly Doodle work. Yes that is his name, Franky Doodle.

First things first the design of the page itself, the visual effects were far more simpler than Nick Jones portfolio. Once you enter Nick’s page you can definitely notice the big difference. His site consists of different effects and organizations. One of his goals on his page was probably to achieve a special design for his portfolio. His index is well organized down the middle of the page. His contact information is within the index listings. The link feeds for the movies he has on his page take you directly to the additional pages he included. He also included social media links to Twitter and his personal email address.

Franky Doodle’s page design was very basic. It reminded me of the basic web page setup that you can have. His contact information is on the bottom of the page. One difference between his page and Nick’s page is that he provided a short Bio about himself right on the top of his page right below his title and introduction. His photos have an extra graphic that appears over the picture when you place your mouse over it. I thought this was pretty cool. It’s always good for added effect. He has two separate tabs for navigation to get to his art work and graphic design.

For my portfolio I would create a catch phrase that included my name. I’m not sure of what it would be exactly but that would be the overall idea behind it. The links that I would include on my site would be to work that I have done or example. I would include photo samples. The information would be based on where the sample came from or who created it. I would try to make my site as complex and creative as possible. I wouldn’t want anything simple or plain looking. For social media I would only include a YouTube account and definitely try to improve it. Adding more videos of the work that I’ve done would be good.