Professional portfolio.. Just about there.

When trying to find a student portfolio its was very difficult, since they might not want to have their work seen. I came across a few people who had portfolios but had not even worked on them since 2008 or were no longer students. But I managed to find someone who I thought had interesting work that he does with animation and video as he combines them. Simon Kendov is a undergrad student in Providence, Rhode Island. I actually found his official website through the Rhode Island school of design’s portfolio page and thought his was interesting. His page is very organized and speaks well about his work. on his other school provided site he has links to his social media which will help people who seek his services are able to contact him.

Last week I had talked about the group Derrick comedy’s i found their tumblr page online. However it was different because it was not as professional as Simon’s is most likely because the group is already established. In addition to that it is a social media blog that is filled with more than just their own work so it is not as organized.

Simon’s official website

Simon other portfolio

Derrick Comedy

I would want to have the about me on a horizontal bar that has a link to the about me section and my contact information on it as well as my resume.

When it comes to the content I would put in my own online portfolio I would want to make it more professional and not have the sidebar be there I would want something similar to Simon’s page where it was cleaned up and had a good display of categories of which he did project in.

The artifacts I would want to have is perhaps a screen shot of what I do in one of the programs I use and explaining how I got to that point into the editing.

As far as social media goes I would have need to find a way to connect my twitter, facebook, tumblr and youtube since those are my main social media websites that i use. I doubt there would be anyway to do anything these days without social media unless you are used to not doing it.