The beginnings shape your future

As far as what should be in a portfolio there should anything that an individual believes should be displayed. I have learned a lot from my classes and work that I have done whether it is good or bad. Not every piece of work that has been created is guaranteed to be good or even great but if you did a comparison from then to now anyone would notice great deal of change. When I took DS106 we all had to sign up for a website and since then I have kept it and i hope to redesign it to show the work that I have. 

Last semester I interviewed my friend Satish on the topic of portrait of a person unfortunately the project was rushed because I had not been able to find anyone who could help me with the assignment and he took some time to help me.

When it comes to a web presence I thought the group of Derrick Comedy was one to really stand out. The group consisted of DC Pierson, Dominic Dierkes and Donald Glover who is better known as Childish Gambino. They originally formed in NYU and started out on YouTube just like anyone else and had blown up all over the internet with their comedy. They also have a tumblr which has memes and gifs of their previous videos. They also post about what goes on in their lives