To Start Things Off

Personally, I think a portfolio should include valid work that has been done for the CT major. When I say valid I mean that it shouldn’t be work that wasn’t completed or work that is done incorrectly. A website that you’ve created should be apart of your portfolio. “Worldkreate”was my first website that was created. As of now it is expired due to cancelation of payments but its definitely a good example of something that should be put into a portfolio. Other things that could be included in the portfolio could be projects that were done. Editing, video, audio projects should be included.

One portfolio that I found very intriguing is one done by Nick Jones. His portfolio website was cool in my opinion. The way he designed it, is what first caught my attention. I thought it was clever and could be something to stretch your mind as for an idea of how to create websites.

The syllabus’s definition of how blog posts should be done for each level of blog post is something I agree with. I recently did this format for blog posts and it was manageable.

2 thoughts on “To Start Things Off

  1. Nick Jones has a very professional clean portfolio for what looks like a very successful interface designer. What might be interesting is if you could list out all the elements of the portfolio that included. He clearly has sample work, but what does he include with each sample? What other types of information about himself does he include? Why do you think he includes these different things?

  2. Oh, and bummer worldkreate is gone, but embed something that you still have or is in progress. Screenshots work if need be.

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