Marlon’s Final Thoughts

It has been a great experience this semester. I learned how to use photoshop and protools a lot more this semester. I was able to use tumblr to help me build up My Portfolio. I am excited with the work that I have put together. The portfolio that I had put together shows some of creations and pictures that I have post based of my love for video games and comic books.

I am also excited about the internship that I have landed for next semester. The name of the company is called New Face Media Productions, where I will be learning how to be a camera operator, editor, and a sound engineer.

Final Post!!!!

i have not been given permission to take final project as of yet.I plan to register for Final project Fall 2015. I know that I would like to do a podcast. My podcast would be released every two weeks starting in May 2015.  The podcast Is going to be somewhat of a morning show.The podcast I have in mind is going to have like a morning show feel to it. But you can tune into us at anytime. It is going to be about an hour to an hour and a half show. It would be either released every other Monday or every other Friday on Sound cloud and other different podcast services. We would talk about our daily lives, past experiences, relationship issues, and other different topics. Yovanni is the host and I am the co-host I would be in charge of the interviewing and getting the talent up to the radio show.

As for my resume,I have it completed but it hasn’t been approved by Daniel Phelps.That I will do ASAP.I do have about six internships that i would like to intern for.My online portfolio is up and running but i need to add a lot of my work that i think is worthy to be showcased put on it. So, far i have added my sound cloud and my youtube page to my online portfolio.

But there is a lot that needs to be done and perfected.And I will get this perfected over my winter break and so forth foward.

It’s Over!

Research Proposal- Stephanie and Myself

A.We plan on taking Final Project in the summer of 2015 because we are taking other major classes in spring 2015

B.Idea: The main idea of our final project is to tell a story through animation of a young girl and her mom. Her name is Sarah and she’s been having problems in school. Throughout her first year in college, her mom Samantha becomes ill with breast cancer. The story tells about the closeness of a mother and daughter relationship as well as sending a message that no matter what you’re going through there’s always a bright light at the end of every struggle.

C.We are creating a 4 min animation, with two main characters who are Sarah and her mom Samantha. We plan on using Photo shop, After Effects, Illustrator, and we will also use pop up bubbles. We already planned our scenes out on a storyboard. Stephanie and myself plan on drawing the characters .

D. We plan to have a demo at the end of January and to work on it throughout the spring semester so, when we take this class in summer we are more prepared and we could incorporate different aspects into our project.

2. I plan on taking internship class for Fall 2015, that way I have everything together and I’m more prepared.

I went over my resume with Daniel and everything is good so far on it, as I work on different projects I will add them to my resume and online portfolio. Yes, I did include a link to my resume on my online portfolio.
Here is the link to my online Portfolio, as I’m working on different projects I will add them as I move on.

Progress, in process.

Final Project

I haven’t been approved for final project yet but I have spoken with Michael about my idea a few times and each time it gets better.

My project will be a series of interviews (written, webcam, mini documentary character portraits, podcasts, etc.) with successful professionals and entrepreneurs. In trying to figure out what I want to do career wise, I’ve spoken to countless professionals. I feel that a lot of us put successful people on a pedestal and treat them as if they are somehow different from us.  We tend find excuses for why one person made it vs. ourselves. The purpose of my interviews is to humanize these people and rather than just talk about their successes, discuss with them the time leading up to where they are now. I will have them answer questions about who they are and how their personality played into their career choice, any failures or bad choices they made and how they recovered from them. I will ask about the balance between their personal lives and their work life.

Since our project is about process, we will have a separate page of behind the scenes of the work we put into our project. When Michael suggested this I initially thought “I can’t let them see the craziness behind the production!” but I realized that’s exactly what I’m asking other people to do.

Tentative Timeline

December: Finalize contact list of possible subjects. Conduct general interviews with possible subjects to find their strengths. Find out what extracurricular activities they are engaged in and what events they have planned for the new year.

Find out if there’s anyone close to them (coworker/volunteer/teammate) that would be willing to be interviewed. Get permission to shoot in work/volunteer settings. Start to schedule for b-roll shooting.

January: Design/build wordpress/Drupal based website.

Set interview dates for February with two subjects. (Most likely Anthony Frazier, The Phat StartUp, Aina Abiodun, StoryCode, Saundra Thomas, ABC)

Plan interview questions.


Shoot, at minimum, two interviews. Best days to shoot: Tuesdays, Thursday mornings, Fridays & weekends. Look through footage for best places to insert b-roll. (If necessary set up follow up interview) Start editing video/audio. Insert b-roll if already recorded.


Finalize at least one video. Second video, at least halfway. Depending on how far along first two videos are, get questions ready for next shoot. Set dates for early April.



I have my resume but haven’t gotten it approved by Dan yet. Putting together my resume made me realize how different my resume will be from the others in my class. I don’t feel like I have a title (web designer, videographer, graphic designer, even journalist). The closest thing I have to consider myself is a storyteller, or content producer. My main interest is  finding the best way to tell stories and making sure those stories are seen. I’m interested in design in the way that industrial designers and UX designers are. I like to design functionally.

I decided to call myself a content producer/strategist.


Which brings me to my portfolio. My portfolio has some articles I’ve written for the newspaper and some spreads I’ve designed for the online magazine. I still have work to do, organizing it. My final project and my work with the online newspaper are what I plan to use to document my skills in content production and strategy.

I haven’t found an internship yet but I do plan on mentioning that I am looking for one when I interview professionals for my final project. I’ve also had professionals who have encouraged me to apply at their organizations. Hopefully they will keep me in mind when they see my name

Time’s Up…Clock out…Congrats

  1. Final Project Proposal
    1. Yes I given the permission to register for the final project class. I’m currently not enrolled due to delay of class submission allowance. In other words… PROFESSOR SMITH PLEASE HURRY!!
    2. My final project will be an brief animation. It’s a collaborative project of me and another fellow colleague Vidya. The animation will be composed and created on Adobe Flash. Before we can get to the actual animation all details of the animation will be designed, drawn, and created by hand. It would be drawn frame by frame. All audio will be included and may consist of foley-stage created music, sound effect downloads, or verbal sounds.
    3. The assets I have are of course campus available software and equipment. Scripts are created by Vidya and I. Everything including characters, backgrounds will be created or based on real life objects, areas, or designs. Music/ soundtrack will be provided by online sources.
    4. We have planned out a time schedule for completing the project. Most of the frame by frame drawing will take place during the month of January. Background/scenes/characters/extended dialogue script will also be completed during January.
  2. Internship Plan
    1. I haven’t gotten an internship in place as yet. I plan to take the internship during the summer of 2015. That’s when I plan to register.
    2. My resume, glad to say is UP AND READY TO GO. Finally got it completed with much deliberated correction provided by Daniel Phelps. Dotted my I’s and crossed my T’s.
  3. Portfolio – . My Portfolio Website.

The All in All

The end of the semester is here and half of the academic year is over.

For Final Project:

a) My group (JCC & Myself) has been given permission to register for Final Project Spring ’15.

b) We are going to create portrayal of some of the skills and talents of Dr. Gregory H. Hopkins. Dr. Hopkins is a tenured Professor of Classical Voice at Howard University holding degrees from Temple University and Curtis Institute of Music, and he has served as an Artistic Director and Music Minister for over 20 years.  We will be crafting a website to showcase him along with shorter length videos of about 2-3 minutes long that would compliment the different content on the website rather than a single 10 minute documentary.

c) We currently have access to numerous articles of Dr. Hopkins that he himself have collected over the years along with pictures. We have access to Dr. Hopkins himself for any interviews, but clearance to access any recording of him performing has to be planned ahead and requested. We already have a domain name for the site and cameras, microphones etc. are available.

d) Our timeline is currently as is:

December 2014: Collection and study of given articles from Dr. Hopkins to determine the uses of these pieces.

January 2015 : Christmas break. Continue organizing documents, and planning dates to meet with Dr. Hopkins and for upcoming events that he has.


  • Video

To record one or two interviews of Dr.Hopkins, and footage of Dr. Hopkins in rehearsals and performance as he conducts the choir. We will also be collecting stills of Dr. Hopkins as he works with the choir. Collecting data and begin to building the website with stills, narratives and possible audio.

  • Web

Start the wireframing process for the websites layout. Begin to sketch out content layout.

  • Site name
  • Drafting navigation menu
  • Amount of pages
  • Color scheme
  • Overall user experience


  • Video

Compiling footage to create the best narrative from what we have recorded into a 5 – 10 minute documentary. This will be inclusive of recorded and interview and B-Roll footage. Continuing to build website.

  • Web

Finalization of site layout and any additional customizations needed to enhance the user experience.

  • Link social media
  • Organize interview(s) and pictures according to page content
  • Begin to edit and transcribe all videos
  • Enhance picture quality of photos if necessary and format for all device users


  • Video / Web

Applying finishes to both the website and documentary with any retakes if necessary.

We intend to wrap up by May 8th, 2015.


a) I do not have an internship in place as yet, but I do plan on doing one during Summer 2015.

b) I have my resume ready to go in several formats, with a large master resume and then smaller downsized resumes for different companies e.g an audio project edited resume for radio stations, and a video projects resume for a company such as Viacom.


I think I kind of struggled in this area the most out of all. Not in terms of having the content and describing work or organizing it, but just my vision of how I would like to layout items. My resume is a part of my About Me page. Although I have my contact information up, I am still struggling a bit with the social media links.


Final Project- I have not been approved for Final Project because I’m planning on taking it in Summer 2015. Alicia and I have been working on our final project proposal which is an animation based on a teenage girl who have a hard time juggling school and taking care of her mom who is battling cancer. Because an animation is a lot of work, we will try to start creating this animation during the Winter break so we can have a head start on this big task.

Internship- I’ve honestly not looked at any internships but I do know a friend who works for BronxNet Cable Television and she said she’ll ask around for me. My goal is to definitely get an internship before Fall 2015. Daniel is actually reviewing my resume one last time because I need to make some changes, so it hasn’t been approved as yet.

Online Portfolio- Honestly, I haven’t spent as much time on my portfolio this semester because I started to focus mostly on creating projects to add to it. I wish I saved all my previous works from my other classes. I definitely want a proper website up and running with projects during Spring 2015.

Nope, no more time…What do you have?

  1. Final Project Proposal
    1. Yes I have permission for final project in spring 15.
    2. I will be working with someone else, to create a animation with a time up to 15 mins. Using Adobe Flash, and with some Adobe Photoshop, we will recreate what we have plotted on the script. By using storyboards that we create, we then go through all of the stages of animation. Making sure we have the character design, voice overs, backgrounds, music and a decision on how to make the animation of the character flow.
    3. As for the animation we have characters, background ideas, music and a planned tool to use for animating (Adobe Flash).
    4. We have a planned timeline from the beginning of January to the day of  presenting.
  2. Internship Plan
    1. No, however I plan on taking a internship over the summer.
    2. I have gotten my resume checked and is in need of more production projects.  I will also include a link to my online portfolio.
  3. Portfolio
    1. I now have a domain that I will use for my portfolio. It has placeholder pictures for the moment, however during the winter break I will be rendering my artwork /graphics until they are presentable.
    2. I also have many videos from my motion graphics class and a demo reel that I would also like to refine and put on my portfolio website.
    3. I also consciously decided to add my social media links and my real name to my portfolio since it is a means to communicate with potential cliental.
    4. I also have a page for my resume, but I did get my resume checked by Dan, and was told to add more things to it. So when I put the other pieces together in the resume I will once again get my resume checked.
    5. Here is the link for my online Portfolio, It is easy to navigate, but once again the pictures are not of my own.

The Final Setup

I have not been given permission to take final project as of yet. I know that I would like to do a podcast. My podcast would be released every two weeks starting in May 2015. I am planning on taking the final project class in Fall 2015. The reason why I am deciding on taking it during the 2015 fall semester is because final project would be the only class I will to be taking in the fall. This is going to allow me to be fully dedicated and focused on my final project. I want my final project to be something that can possible help me open some door for me in the radio industry.


The podcast I have in mind is going to have like a morning show feel to it. But you can tune into us at anytime. It is going to be about an hour to an hour and a half show. It would be either released every other Monday or every other Friday on Soundcloud and other different podcast services. We would talk about our daily lives, past experiences, relationship issues, and other different topics. Also I would like to have guest interview. (Up and coming artist). I have decided to partner up with Shakelia, who would be co-host of our show and she would be in charge of the guests we would have on the show. I would also like to incorporate some music or some sound effect that would be appropriate for the show. I do not want this to be some corny/low production show. Even though, I am not going to have the best production equipment. I am going to put all of me into this podcast and I want to show that I am really truly passionate about radio production/sound editing.


I have a friend who is a music producer and he has all of the tools I need in order to record my podcast. I have Adobe Audition to make my sound editing and I can also see if my friend is available to help me out with some sound editing too. I am also doing my research to see if I can possible make my own little studio. But as a backup I have found apps on my phone that I can record and upload my podcast directly to there website.


In regards to my Internship Plan, I have some ideas where I would like to intern. I would love to intern for the Elvis Duran and The Morning Show during the summer. They will be accepting applicants for the Summer 2015 semester starting April 1st. I am also thinking about possibly doing another internship during the fall 2015. I am open to any radio production company. I am interested in interning at Sirius, iHeart Radio, Hot97, Power105, La Mega, La X. or ESPN Radio. I definitely will be talking to Daniel Phelps to see if he can give me some pointers/guidance to land a great internship location.

I have a resume I believe is ready to go. But I need to have Daniel Phelps approve it or maybe give me some suggestions to make it better. I need to work on writing my cover letter, since the internships I would like to get into require a cover letter. I definitely would link my online portfolio to show what kind of person I am. They describe that they would like to have people who are fun and I believe a way that they can determine that is by my online presence.


I do have an Online Portfolio that does need some more of my work. My portfolio link is I will be learning more skills in the spring semester and I would like to be able to show case my skills in the near future. I do have some of my work that I am proud of and I believe if will reflect what I am capable of doing. I have attached my resume, along with my contact information, to my portfolio; I just need to work on my cover letter. There are also links to my social media. My online portfolio is easy to navigate since everything is on one page and the links on the top of the page just automatically scroll down to what you have chosen. If you click on the about me link it will scroll automatically to about a quarter way down and it will show you my “About Me” information. I really like the way my portfolio is set up but I just need to put some more of my own work into it. But I am also open to any suggestions. The links I have are Home, About, Services, Production, and Contact.






Final Project Proposal…

I have not been given permission to register for final project class yet. I plan on taking it in the spring of 2015 once i gets approved. For my final project, i would be taking in the roles of production manager and lighting designer in order to showcase my designs in a live setting. I will be putting together a concert/showcase with performances by a few singers and musicians. It will be a full scale concert with a band, sound rigging system, and lights. I will also be making changes the the current lighting plot in order to add visual diversity to the performance. The date is set for April 9th. I have put together a team of technicians and promoters to help me achieve my goal. This event will take place in the large theater of the PAC.


I do not have an internship in place yet. Ive got an offer but have not seemed to have the right one yet. I am currently developing cover letters to send to a few companies that i have in mind.